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Fall CSA – Week 1


It’s all about the weather. Always. On the farm.

(And lately in the news too – big weather events have been making headlines.)

At the farmers’ market, we greet each other by asking about the weather. All summer the question was, “Did you get any rain this week?” Lately the question has changed to, “Any frost yet?”

Already 2 Saturdays ago there was frost for some farmers resulting in crop losses. Here in Niagara frost often holds off until early October and a hard freeze comes even later.

With our Fall CSA beginning this week and running until early November, we have been hoping for no early frosts and a month of pleasant weather. There are still a lot of vegetables growing in the field that we would like to harvest. We are counting on these vegetables to fill our CSA boxes!

But this morning we awoke to frost – a frost that was neither forecast nor expected. It was a fairly heavy frost, enough to do some damage. Fortunately most of our crops will recover – this time.

Welcome to our fall CSA.

It’s all about the weather.

Frost is both damaging and beautiful!

What’s in the box?

Cabbage, green beans, sweet peppers, fall radishes, salad greens, green onions, squash.

  • Our fall cabbages are still small – it was very dry when we planted them and they got off to a slow start. But they taste great! We have green cabbage this week with red yet to come.
  • The green bean plants were damaged by the frost, but we were able to pick off the beans. Same with the sweet peppers – we picked what we could and there should be enough for a few weeks.
  • Fall radishes, most salad greens & green onions were not hurt by this frost and are included in your share.
  • Winter squash completes the box this week.


Around the farm this week …

Autumn brings some amazing skies.

The last of the roses.

2 thoughts on “Fall CSA – Week 1

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Ron you have a Birthday coming up this month and Amy is just behind you in November (if I remember correctly) Sorry Lori I never did get your Birthday. Will miss your posts and as I always said Ron you are a great photographer

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