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CSA 2022 – Week 17 – Final week!

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The final week of CSA brings mixed emotions – as usual.

Certainly we are happy & excited to be finished – the picking, washing, & packing of the vegetables, along with setting up for CSA pick-up and the actual pick-up itself. Together with the growing – seeding, planting, weeding, watering … it has been a busy time.

Of course Lorie enjoys seeing and visiting with all our CSA members and will miss this part of it very much.

But while the summer CSA program winds up this week, our new fall CSA begins next week. So there is really no rest – yet. We had a good response to this new venture (it is now full & no more applications are being accepted), and are looking forward to it.

Plus, we still have 3 more weeks at the Georgetown Farmers’ Market to grow & prep for.

Thank you to all our CSA members!

Thank you for your confidence in us to grow safe, healthy & delicious food for you & your family, for your dedication to coming to the farm each week to pick up your box, and for your willingness to eat whatever you found in the box. CSA is a big commitment for the members as well as the farmers.


What’s in the box?

Winter squash, sweet peppers, edamame, salad greens, garlic, green onions

  • Choose from several varieties of winter squash again this week. We will have them labelled along with a brief description to help you make your choice.
  • Today was a good day. When I picked sweet peppers I was putting more in the basket than I was throwing away – that’s a first for this season! There are even some coloured peppers (Thursday & Friday pick-up last week saw a few of these already).

  • The last CSA box of the season includes the last of the edamame. That worked out well!
  • The salad greens are enjoying this cooler weather. Lettuce is still in short supply, but there could be spinach, bok choy, arugula, or mixed salad … in the box.
  • Garlic has been part of the box for 11 weeks now. Keep it dry and at room temperature or slightly cooler and it should last well into the winter. If at some point you feel it is getting soft and are worried it might spoil, then freeze it. Break the bulbs apart, peel the cloves and put them in a glass jar in the freezer. Then whenever you need garlic for a recipe grab as many cloves as you need. We suggest using a glass jar because the strong garlic odor can seep out of a plastic jar or bag into the other food in your freezer.
  • Green onions complete this final CSA box .
  • Extras – eggplant, tomatoes, hot peppers …


Around the farm this week …

At this time of year the farm includes both nice, clean, new beds of vegetables (above) and tired & weedy vegetables (below).

The fall/winter cover crop is coming up in our big field. This is where we will be growing vegetables next year.
Eggplant still growing strong

Thanks again for being part of our CSA!

One thought on “CSA 2022 – Week 17 – Final week!

  1. Thanks for all your postings.  You present important info re farming. 
    Your pictures are outstanding.

    Happy autumn-ing (note that i didn’t say fall-ing 😁).  Anyway “Spass
    muss sein”  (fun must be).


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