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Thiessen Farms (est.1948) run by 3rd generation farmer Amy Thiessen together with her parents Ron & Lorie, is a small family farm growing vegetables, herbs, flowers & blackberries.

Our goal is to grow healthy produce that tastes great – and looks great too!

Healthy produce comes from healthy soil. The use of compost & manure, cover crops, green manure, mulching, crop rotation & companion planting are ways we maintain & improve our soils.

We love colour & we love variety!

On our farm we grow more than 80 kinds of tomatoes – from old heirlooms to modern hybrids in all sizes, shapes & colours, along with 15 varieties of eggplant, 30 kinds of hot peppers, 15 sweet peppers, more than 15 kinds of squash …

In total almost 400 varieties of at least 40 different vegetables are grown plus herbs, edible flowers and cut sunflowers.

We market our produce seasonally through our CSA (community supported agriculture) program, and at the Downtown Georgetown Farmers’ Market in Georgetown on Saturday mornings.

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