Keep updated on all that is happening around Thiessen Farms!


Thiessen Farms (est. 1947) is a small family farm growing vegetables, herbs & blackberries.

Our goal is to grow healthy produce that tastes great & looks great too!

Healthy produce comes from healthy soils. The use of compost & manure, cover crops, green manure, mulching, crop rotations & companion planting are some ways we maintain & improve our soils.

We love colour & we love variety!

On our farm we grow more than 80 kinds of tomatoes – from old heirlooms to modern hybrids – in all sizes, shapes & colours, along with 35 varieties of eggplant, 35 hot peppers, 15 sweet peppers, more than 30 kinds of squash …

In total, almost 400 varieties of at least 40 vegetables are grown, plus 50 different herbs.

We market our produce seasonally through our CSA (community supported agriculture) program and at 2 farmers’ markets – North York Farmers’ Market in Toronto and Downtown Georgetown Farmers’ Market in Georgetown

We are located in the Niagara region:
4132 Fifteenth Street
Jordan Station, Ontario
L0R 1S0
Phone: (905) 562-4372

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