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CSA 2022 – Week 14

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It’s raining today – a lovely, slow, soft, steady rain.

This rain is very welcome.

While we had some rain last week and the week before, it is ideal to get rain every week in the summer when the crops are growing – and thirsty.

The downside of this rain is the damage it can cause to the vegetables – tomatoes tend to crack, peppers rot, greens too. The weeds will flourish. Our picking schedule is thrown off.

And since Monday is the day we finalize the contents of the CSA box for the week, this precipitation causes some uncertainty there.

What’s in the box?

(Here is our best estimation for the box – but it could be different at pick-up!)

Beets, salad greens, sweet peppers, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic,

and ???

  • Beets are back in the box this week. We are picking 3 varieties – the common red beets, which are a lovely dark colour, golden beets, and the candy cane which are red & white striped. You may find any of these or a mixture in your share. They all taste similar (perhaps the candy cane are slightly sweeter?) and are delicious!
  • We are hoping to include 2 salad greens this week. There could be mini-romaine lettuce, lettuce mix, spinach, arugula or bok choy.
  • Sweet peppers will continue to be picked green rather than waiting for them to ripen and turn colour and risk losing more to rot.
  • Another planting of green beans is ready to harvest – when the weather allows.
  • There are plenty of tomatoes on the plants in the field. Many will crack & spoil in today’s rain but there should still be enough for the boxes this week.
  • Zucchini & garlic complete the box.


Around the farm this week …

Some of our recent plantings.
The weeds are coming on with a vengeance!
Waiting out the rain in the barn.

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