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CSA 2022 – Week 15


Life is quiet and peaceful on the farm this time of year.

It’s just us here. Our summer student crew has long since returned to school. It is off-season for the strawberry farm next door, so no activity there. Across the road, the neighbour’s peaches are picked and the orchard is empty – of both fruit and people. It is quiet all around.

Depending on the wind direction we might hear the kids playing outside at recess at the school just down the road. Of course the trains go by and whistle for the crossing, but we barely notice. The occasional flock of Canada geese flies over honking. And that’s about it for noise.


Friday was different. It was neither quiet nor peaceful.

The neighbours had come the previous night and removed their bee hives from our buckwheat field. Whether some bees were left behind or perhaps some returned looking for their home I’m not sure, but there were a lot of loud and aggressive bees on the farm Friday. And they took their aggression & anger out on us! Vegetables had to be picked – for CSA pick-up and for Saturday market – but the bees wouldn’t leave us alone. We resorted to wearing complete hazmat suits, with only our faces exposed. Not very comfortable on a hot, humid day! We would rush out to the patch, pick for a few minutes until the bees found us then return to the barn for a break, bees chasing us all the way. This continued all day. We never did get everything picked. Finally by late afternoon the neighbours returned with some empty hives for the bees to hopefully gather in.

I suppose it sounds funny and probably looked funny too – but we failed to see the humour. We were hurting from the many bee stings we all received.

Here’s hoping any remaining bees have settled down and are calm for our vegetable picking this week.

Or else your CSA box just might be empty!

What’s in the box?

Fall radishes, kale, salad greens, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers, garlic.

Tuesday only – green beans

  • Fall radishes (often called winter radishes – but I can’t bear to say that in September!) are large, beautiful and delicious. They have the same flavour as spring radishes – but slightly stronger & sharper. Slice them thinly into salads or slaw, or roast them along with other vegetables. Check for recipes at (Look under daikon or watermelon radishes.) Choose from 3 colours – pink, white or purple. Wrapped in a plastic bag in the fridge they can keep for a month or more.
  • This will be the first time we’ve offered bunches of kale in the CSA box this season. Earlier we had bags of baby kale and often there is baby kale in the salad mix. But this week it’s full size kale. Eat it for the great taste and eat it because it is healthy! We are growing black kale (pictured below) – also known as dinosaur kale – as well as curly kale.
  • We know you have been missing our lettuce. It is back! This week’s box will include a bag of salad mix – mostly lettuce, plus some add-ins such as arugula, mizuna, mustard, baby kale … Enjoy!
  • Jalapeno peppers (for those who want the heat), tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers & garlic round out the box this week.
  • There will also be green beans for Tuesday’s pick-up only. Thursday, Friday & Saturday members received beans last week. (There are still several plantings of beans growing. Depending on the weather they may appear in the box again this season (there are only 2 more weeks after this week) and will certainly be a part of our fall CSA.)


Around the farm this week …

The tomato plants are looking weedy & weary – they have been producing tomatoes since late June.
The weeds are flourishing – they love all the rain we’ve been having.
A few rows of just planted spinach and kohlrabi.

Rosemary continues to amuse us with her kitten antics!

Her and Sage are slowly getting used to each other. It does NOT always go well!

After this week, there are just 2 more weeks of CSA!

2 thoughts on “CSA 2022 – Week 15

  1. Beautiful cobweb being “mimicked” by the round hay bale. You think?!
    Thanks for all the news and views.

  2. You are pretty observant Hedy!
    Thanks for all your encouraging comments always.

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