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CSA 2022 – Week 13


It was another very hot day today.

And everyone felt it.

You’d think we would all be used to it by now – there has certainly been plenty of heat this summer. But it was a difficult day all around. Still, we accomplished a lot – mostly picking and some weeding.

Looking forward to cooler temperatures later this week.

What’s in the box?

Edamame, shishito peppers, sweet peppers, green beans, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, salad greens, garlic.

extras – hot peppers

  • Edamame makes a return to the box this week as our 2nd planting is ready. Edamame are full of protein, fibre and loaded with vitamins & minerals – a very healthy vegetable. And they are easy to prepare! Simply boil the pods in salted water for 3-5 minutes. Remove from the water & drain. Then squeeze the pods to pop out the beans and enjoy as a healthy snack. Delicious! We like them sprinkled with lime juice and salt. Or they can be added to soups, stews, salads, noodle dishes …
Our #1 edamame fan!
  • Shishito peppers are back as well. These delicious peppers are best prepared by charring in olive oil in a cast-iron skillet or other heavy pan over medium-high heat. Cook the peppers whole, turning occasionally, until they begin to blister on all sides. This only takes a few minutes. Sprinkle with salt & pepper and a splash of lime juice and some parmesan cheese, and serve immediately. Eat the whole pepper – except the stem. But remember – 1 in 10 can be a little hot!
  • Last week we were excited to start harvesting our coloured sweet peppers. But our excitement quickly turned to disappointment as the rain last weekend, along with the heat & humidity destroyed the fruit. Most of the peppers were ruined & had to be discarded – at least those that had any colour. Today’s pick was much the same. There will be a pepper in the share this week – but only 1 and it will likely be green.
  • Green beans are looking great though, as is zucchini.
  • The cherry tomatoes continue to produce prodigiously, while the beefsteak tomatoes seem to be taking a bit of a break. But the plants are still looking good, with lots of green fruit so we anticipate there will be more yet to come.
  • Earlier in the season we had lots of great lettuce, but spinach was in short supply. Now it’s the opposite. Each bed of spinach we plant is growing well – but the lettuce is struggling. So the salad green this week will be spinach.
  • Garlic completes the box. Store your bulbs in a dry place and they should last well into the winter.
  • A selection of hot peppers will be available as an extra for those who like things spicy!


Around the farm this week …

The tomato patch is becoming quite a jungle …
… and some sections are showing the strain of a long season.
The last plantings of sunflowers & beans.
The first goldenrod is coming into bloom. It must almost be fall!

3 thoughts on “CSA 2022 – Week 13

  1. Are you trying to save my feelings as I see no mention of Green Zebras..LOL This year more wildlife on our street, bunnies, raccoons (on my front porch) skunk on my driveway and the usual herd of squirrels. Plus I have now three cats that come for meals, so no food is left out for the rest of the creatures. Lots more “wildlife” this year it seems and during the day . Love your emails and photos.

    • No one likes green zebras as much as you Lynne.
      Obviously the word on your street is that your house is a good spot to hang out – for all the creatures.

  2. Beautiful pictures as usual. The small farmer in his tractor is the best. Thank you for all your hard work.

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