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It’s April and the farm is springing to life.

After a lot of rain last week followed by sun & warm temperatures this week, things are really going to move quickly!

In the small greenhouse a wide assortment of vegetables are up and growing – with more added every day.

In the big greenhouse we have begun transplanting – a task that will take up much of Amy’s time over the next month and more.

Out in the field the garlic has popped through the straw.

And the blackberries are showing life. This makes us especially happy since we lost our blackberry crop last year due to the cold winter. But this spring the canes are mostly looking good! We will be pruning and tying them in the next week.


Around the farm this week …

Sage and her new friend Jimmy. Jimmy’s mother rejected him, so he is being bottle fed (and spoiled) until he is big enough to join the herd. (He belongs to our neighbour – not us!)

Rosemary is recuperating nicely after surgery last week. But not at all happy with her cone!

We finally got smart and laid ground cover in the greenhouse. This will eliminate weeds and give a nice clean surface for our pots.

A new road sign with our new logo.

Still thinking of joining our CSA? We will only be accepting applications for several more weeks.

3 thoughts on “April

  1. ‘Tis indeed refreshing to view spring’s emergence through your eyes.¬†
    Thanks, Ron,


  2. So glad to get your email. I was thinking about you and with this crazy weather I was praying that you didn’t get rain or snowed out. After all March coming in like a lion and going out like a Lion too was a bit concerning. Happy Spring, along with all the other holidays, Easter, Ramadan and Passover. Love the new sign too.

  3. How do you move in the small greenhouse?

    I still owe you $ for Andrew’s share


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