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Signs of Spring

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March is always a cruel month.

Sunny, warm and spring-like one day, followed by grey, cold, snowy weather the next.

The first flowers bloom, heralding spring, only to be silenced by the snow.

After a long, gloomy winter (the darkest in 73 years so we’re told) we are more than ready for spring. Apparently we will have to be patient – spring will be taking it’s time to arrive.

Fortunately spring has sprung in our greenhouse. The first seeds are up – peppers, tomatoes and onions. And artichokes! We are enjoying watching them grow!

For the first time ever we tapped our 2 silver maple trees in the backyard and collected sap. Boiling it down is a long process, but resulted in some very tasty maple syrup. The first batch was quite pale & thin but later ones were thicker with a lovely, rich colour.


Around the farm this week …

The remnants of the last snow are finally disappearing – but it is snowing again today!

The garlic patch. This is where we will see the first green growth of spring out on the farm – but not yet.

The Flynns and Sage and Rosemary are also anxious for spring!

We are still accepting applications for our CSA program.

Friday pick-up is full, but there is availability on Tuesday & Thursday at the farm, and picking up at the Georgetown Farmers’ Market.

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