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CSA 2022 – Week 8

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What’s in the box?

Green beans, cabbage, basil, tomatoes, zucchini, salad greens, garlic ...

  • It’s always exciting to have a new vegetable for the CSA box! This week it is green beans.
  • Cabbage was in the box back in week 5. This week’s cabbages are from the same planting. We have been waiting for them to grow but it has been so dry they have not gained much size. The rains we had last week were beneficial for many of our crops, but came to late to help the cabbages. So the choice will be small cabbages or even smaller cabbages!
  • Hope you like pesto because our basil is doing great this year. If you need a recipe check out This subscription website has 900+ recipes, templates, storage and preserving tips, pantry stocking suggestions and vegetable prep videos, organized by vegetable and created using CSA Produce. Log in using the access key you received at sign up or ask us to send it to you again.
  • We are picking more & more tomatoes – not just the small cherry tomatoes but the medium size heirloom varieties and even the large beefsteaks now.
  • There is a zucchini race happening on the farm right now! The 1st planting is showing a lot of disease and many of the plants are dying – more every day. This is due to the dry, hot & humid weather we’ve had recently. But our next planting is racing to grow and produce fruit before the older plants are finished.
Healthy plants.
Sick plants
New plants.
  • Salad greens and fresh garlic complete the box this week.


Around the farm this week …

We received 2 good rains causing an explosion of growth – including weeds!
The eggplant surprised us with a good pick for market. Within a week or two there should be enough for CSA.
A beautiful sunrise on the way to market Saturday morning.

Lots of colour on our market tables!

Big Flynn catches at least 1 snake every summer and it always turns out the same – he watches it for awhile, then loses interest. The snake slithers away …
Rosemary catches nothing yet – just makes trouble!
And Sage surprised everyone – including herself – by catching a groundhog the other week. She’s still tired out from the excitement!

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