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May colour


Spring has exploded in a riot of colour here on the farm.

Out in the fields the colour is green …

We have so many vegetables planted out already – more than 2 miles of rows!

Along with all the spring crops – radishes, salad turnips, spinach, pak choy, broccoli, onions, snow peas … the first of the heat-loving vegetables are in. We planted tomatoes this week, the earliest they’ve gone out to the field in quite a few years.

The blackberries are leafing out and growing well. While they are not old, our blackberries do have some disease issues so we set out 2 new rows – about 100 plants – this spring. In about 3 years they will be in production and we will remove these older ones.

Around the farmyard the colours are amazing …

Spring is certainly a most beautiful time of the year!

11 thoughts on “May colour

  1. What gorgeous flowers, especially the purple-edged tulips. It’s wonderful to see you so geared up for production. I wish you and Amy and everyone else a good growing season and much happiness about the farm. Still missing you in North York! Jane

    • Thanks Jane!
      Those purple edged tulips are some of my favourites too. Had them forever.
      We still miss all our friends at North York – but not coming into the city for market.
      Hope you can stop by the farm this summer.

  2. Amazing

  3. Thanks for taking the time to share these glorious colours with us.  Purple iris tops the list here.  Hedy

    • I picked those purple iris up the other year at the Lincoln garden club plant sale. Just love them!

  4. Beautiful pics! Will you be selling vegetable and herb plants this year? And congrats to Amy!

    • Yes Jennifer. We have a trailer at the road with vegetable & herb plants. Open everyday except Sunday.

  5. I see you mentioned not going to North York this season, but will you be at Georgetown?

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