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April …


It has been 6 weeks since my last posting. Though I have made several attempts at writing, I was stymied each time and never completed a post.

And now I don’t know where to start – it’s April and things are changing so rapidly on the farm that pictures even from a few days ago already seem out of date.

Even yesterday’s pictures …

Our 2 old apricot trees in the backyard are in full bloom.
The same trees this morning. The blossoms are still there – under all that snow!

Or our garlic patch …

Garlic is one of the first crops to make an appearance in spring, so it gets a lot of attention from us. The snow has barely melted when we’re already trying to spy the first spears poking through the straw.

Late March was when we first saw green.
The 1st week in April.
Earlier this week.
And this morning! Snow on the 21st of April – not unheard of, but certainly not welcomed either! The garlic should be just fine under here.

Lots of growth is happening around the farm now …

The spinach that we were enjoying well into January has resumed it’s growth, providing us with delicious, fresh greens. Certainly there are benefits to having a mild winter!
Broccoli is planted. The early leaf broccoli (or baby broccoli) is under the row covers where it’s a bit warmer – to encourage faster growth. Snow peas are also up – weeds too!
The blackberries are pruned, tied and mulched with straw. They are just starting to leaf out now.
The small greenhouse where we start our seeds is always full – even though Amy spends much of her days transplanting and moving plants into the large greenhouse.
Seedlings hardening off (getting used to outdoor weather) on the trailer and ready to be planted – including spinach, pak choy, parsley and cabbages. We decided to wait until the temperatures warm up again before planting in the field. That was a good decision considering all the snow we received overnight.


Around the farm recently – before today’s snow changed everything!

Preparing the ground for planting. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini …. will go in this field.
Sage has been feeling sorry for herself now that winter was over. (But today she is soooo happy for all the snow!)
Aunt Amy always has a willing & enthusiastic helper – whatever she is doing.

4 thoughts on “April …

  1. Thanks for the update! I was thinking of all the farmers with the snow this morning. I guess snow and frost are still different? Blossoms good with snow, bad with frost?
    Be well ❤

  2. hey Chris! Hope you are all well.
    The snow possibly protected the blossoms from the freezing temperatures. Probably there will be some damage though. Tonight is supposed to be -2C without snow so blossoms will definitely be in danger. Our vegetables planted outside – I’m not sure but I think they will mostly be ok. Time will tell!

  3. Always love the farm updates and the pictures! Thank you for taking the time to include us in the life of the farm.

  4. A great posting with lots of info and right-on pix.  Thanx, h

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