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CSA 2021


It happens every year around this time.

Maybe it starts with a bright, sunny day after a week of gloomy Ontario winter weather … or a box of seeds arriving in the mail … or a craving for a juicy, sun-ripened, fresh tomato …

And suddenly I’m ready for the new season!

I want to feel the soil in my fingers … push some seeds into the ground … inhale the warm, humid air of the greenhouse … see the bright, vibrant green of the emerging seedlings …

In my mind I see the farm looking like this again.

With a harvest like this.

I confess I am always relieved when I feel this way in mid-winter. It means that I’m still loving what I do and not ready yet for a change – like retirement (sorry Lorie).

Perhaps it takes a little longer than it used to for my energy & enthusiasm to return after the busy season, and perhaps I put off completing the list of winter chores until it’s almost spring, and perhaps I really, really enjoy staying in bed until the sun comes up, but here we are in early February and my excitement is back!

Our seeds are ordered, the farm plan is (mostly) mapped out, the planting schedule is being finalized and the greenhouse will be cleaned & readied this week.

CSA 2021 is a go and the response has been amazing. Applications are arriving in our mailbox and our inbox daily. It is both exciting & humbling that people want our produce and are willing to pay upfront & commit to 18 weeks of vegetable boxes.

Let the season begin!

Around the farm this week …

The compost piles doing their thing under the snow.

The Flynns seem to spend an awful lot of time relaxing & sleeping – always in a sheltered, sunny spot.

Sage had an encounter with a coyote this week. Turns out it wasn’t quite the friend she hoped it would be – so now she’s sulking inside.

We are now accepting applications for our CSA program for summer 2021.

Details above, or email for information.

5 thoughts on “CSA 2021

  1. What a neat way to introduce your renewed “zest”, Ron.  Great choice of pix too, with the blue toned ones following.  Hedy

  2. Count us in for a half share this year. I’ll deliver a cheque beginning of the week. The neighbours, Les and Pat

  3. Great post as usual Ron!!
    All the best for the new Season.

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