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January harvest

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We’ve been eating a lot of salads lately.

The lettuce & spinach are freshly picked … from our farm … harvested from the field … not the greenhouse.

And it’s January!

This bed of lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula & bok choy was the last to be set out in 2020 – transplanted around the middle of September. The greens weren’t yet big enough to harvest for our last farmers’ market in October and I almost mowed them down with the rest of the farm. But I spared them, thinking we might get a salad or two if the fall weather was mild enough to allow them to grow. Indeed the fall was mild and the lettuce & spinach especially flourished. (The kale never amounted to much and the arugula & bok choy succumbed to the frost earlier.)

Now, the spinach is still sweet & delicious. The lettuce leaves are slightly tough, but both make amazing salads!

This morning was frosty, but hopefully the greens recover again and continue to feed us. Harvesting in January – thanks to a mild winter!

We are also eating vegetables that we harvested in fall and stored.

Chinese cabbage (so good in coleslaw or stir-fry), and garlic, onions & winter squash. We will miss them when they are gone!


Around the farm …

Everyone’s enjoying the quieter pace of our off-season!

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