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CSA 2020 – Week 18 – final week!


This is it! The final week of CSA for 2020!

As usual, it has been an interesting season. Not enough rain, too much heat & humidity, the coronavirus … all worked together to make it a challenging year for growing & marketing. Yet at the same time, these same conditions also helped with our growing & marketing. 

We are grateful for the 120+ families that have trusted us to feed them for 18 weeks. Thank you for giving us the privilege of growing your food. Thank you for all your encouragement, comments & critique. Thank you for making the commitment to drive to our farm each week to pick up your box, and the commitment to then use the vegetables (including the less familiar & perhaps less liked ones).

You helped make it a great season for us!

What’s in the box?

Carrots, beans, squash, sweet peppers, green onions, salad greens.

  • We’re pretty thrilled that our later seedings of carrots germinated (with lots of watering), grew (with lots of weeding), and matured in time for our final week of CSA. We last had carrots in the box back in week 11 and I whined (a little) then about the troubles we have growing them. But all is good now that we have some decent carrots, and by next season we’ll be ready to grow lots of amazing carrots – for sure!

  • This will be the 8th time that beans are in the CSA box in 2020. They are always one of our most popular vegetables. While we seeded beans 13 times – usually every Monday – germination was poor during the height of the heat & drought so we grew & harvested less than anticipated. Most of this week’s beans are the yellow-with-purple-stripes Dragon’s Tongue (or mother-in-laws tongue) beans. They are beautiful to look at and taste great! There are some green beans as well. The beans you receive depends on what is ready for your pick-up day.

  • We hope you have enjoyed the opportunity to try some different kinds of winter squash these last few weeks. Again we will have some of the same varieties available as well as several new ones. They will all be labeled and have a brief description. Remember that squash can be stored for weeks – even months – if kept dry & at room temperature or slightly cooler. For most squash the flavour will improve after a few weeks.
  • Sweet peppers, green onions and salad greens (either lettuce, spinach, salad mix or arugula) complete your final CSA share for 2020.

 * Please recycle your CSA box (or drop it off at the farm if you’re passing by).

* Details for CSA 2021 will be emailed to you in late January.


Around the farm this week …

Yes I love sumac – especially in the fall!

Our pepper display at market.


… and squash.


Thank you for being part of our CSA this season. We appreciate your support of our family farm. 

Hope to see you all again next season! 


6 thoughts on “CSA 2020 – Week 18 – final week!

  1.  Grateful to be a part of this amazing venture and adventure – even if its mainly via your postings.  Thank you all!!  HMS

  2. A beautiful end to a sometimes challenging season… just look at those colours! I’m looking forward to squash and, yes, admiring the sumac leaves on my walks.

  3. Thanks for your efforts in a difficult season from the next door neighbours, Les and Pat High. Our culinary pleasure was very much increased and most interesting. CSA was of great value in several ways. We wished we would have joined a long time ago. Great work, we see the effort from next door. It was me who prayed for that inch of rain you got a while back. 🙂 Les

  4. Enjoyed the greens tops of the carrots along with sweet red peppers in a delicious omelette this Monday morning of Thanksgiving….
    I could not go to bed without thanking you all at the Thiessen Farm for the treasure of having you in our community and growing foo for us!

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