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CSA 2020 – Week 17 – 2nd last week!


Here’s what we’ve been up to these last few days!

The squash is all in. There’s lots of it and it’s big!! Actually some of them are huge – one weighed almost 36 pounds and another 39. There’s a lot of eating in a squash that size!

We had a light frost this morning. Not enough to do any damage, but a good reminder that it is fall and we should not take this mild weather for granted! We feel fortunate. Some of our farmer friends from Georgetown market and areas north received a killing frost on the weekend which brought their season to an abrupt end.

Our CSA program continues for this week and 1 more, and our farmers’ market at Georgetown carries on until October 17. Here’s hoping for good weather and no more frost, so we have crops to fill our CSA boxes and market tables to the end.

What’s in the box?

Squash, sweet peppers, green onions, salad greens, kale, garlic.

  • Choose several winter squash for your CSA box this week. Take your pick from a few different varieties – either something familiar, or perhaps a new squash that you have not tried before. Squash stores well – keep them dry and at room temperature. Actually the flavour of most squash improves after a few weeks of curing. So no rush to eat them!
  • Our sweet peppers continue to produce! Remember that peppers can keep for several weeks or longer in a plastic bag in the fridge. They also freeze well and are great to use for cooking in the winter. Just remove the stems & seeds and cut into pieces – whatever size you like. Freeze overnight on a baking sheet and bag the next day. Then grab whatever amount you need when cooking – they’re great in anything from omelets, stir-fries, stews, sauces … Or try roasting sweet peppers. It’s a bit of work but worth it – they taste amazing! Find instructions for roasting peppers at (a subscription based recipe & information site that is free with your CSA. It includes 900+ recipes, storage & preserving tips etc. Please email us for your access key if you have forgotten it).
  • Green onions, salad greens (maybe lettuce, spinach, salad mix or arugula), kale and garlic complete this week’s CSA share.


Around the farm this week …

It is starting to look like fall.


Good picks of beautiful eggplant – especially for late September.


We’re still planting!

Sage with her best friend Milo.

Watching bugs.


Remember – next week is the final week for CSA 2020!




2 thoughts on “CSA 2020 – Week 17 – 2nd last week!

  1. Allow me to post a poem from public school days:

    */”The golden rod is yellow,  the corn is turning brown,/*

    */the trees in apple orchard, with fruit are bending down.” /*

    :-)/*  Hedy */

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