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CSA 2020 – Week 14

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Here’s a view of our pepper patch.

It is always a long wait for peppers to mature.

They first ones were seeded back in late February. In April we transplanted them into bigger pots. About mid-June we planted them in the field. Since then we have tended them and waited … We picked the first peppers – jalapenos & shishitos – at the end of July. Gradually other varieties matured and now … finally … it’s pepper season!

Along with the jalapenos …

and shishitos …

we are picking lots of others – some sweet & others hot, both big & small, long & short, and all colours …

and still waiting on more to ripen …

They are beautiful to look at, fun to pick, and exciting to eat – especially the hot ones !

What’s in the box?

Peppers, kale bunches, cucumbers, beans, edamame, tomatoes,

zucchini, salad greens, garlic.

  • Find a sweet pepper or 2 in your box this week – maybe green or red or orange or purple …
  • Baby kale for salads has been in the CSA box several times this season. This week we move to larger kale. While it can still be used fresh in salads, it is also sturdy enough for cooking. Don’t have a favourite go-to kale recipe? Check out for a large selection. (this recipe site is included with your CSA share. Please email us for your access code if you have forgotten it.)
  • Our next planting of cucumbers, which we planted in the greenhouse, began producing last week. We’re hoping there is enough for everyone this week. They certainly turned out better than our first few plantings, but even these have a few scars and marks on them. They still taste great though!
  • Beans – either green beans or the yellow-with-purple-stripes dragon’s tongue beans will be in your share.
  • We offered edamame (fresh soybeans) a few weeks ago and it was well received. Boil in salted water for 3-5 minutes. Pop the beans out of their pods, eat & enjoy! We like to sprinkle some lime or lemon juice on them.
  • Tomatoes, zucchini (and summer squash), a salad green (spinach, lettuce, arugula, or salad mix …), and garlic complete the box this week.
  • extras – hot peppers for those who enjoy them!


Around the farm this week …

Transplanting when tired = crooked rows!!

Flynn calls this hunting!



One thought on “CSA 2020 – Week 14

  1. Purple peppers preferred – you think?  Marvelous array of veggies once again.  Your creativity hath no end, it seemeth to moi. 🙂 hms

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