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CSA 2020 – Week 13


It’s late August and the farm is a study in contrast.

Some areas are waist deep in weeds while other parts are neat & tidy.

There are beds full of vibrant green & thriving crops next to rows of weary & sad looking vegetables.

Overall I think it is accurate to say the farm looks a little rough around the edges.

And we’re okay with that. We’re at the height of harvest, and still seeding & planting weekly, watering daily, and weeding – when we can find the time, and energy! Plus we really, really need a good rain!

What’s in the box?

Chinese cabbage, fall radishes, zucchini, blackberries, tomatoes, 

green onions, garlic, beets …

  • Chinese cabbage is another of my favourite vegetables. Crisp, tender, and mild – it is delicious used fresh in a salad instead of lettuce. Or use the large leaves as wraps, make it into coleslaw, kimchi or stir-fry it. While the outer leaves are a lovely green colour, the inside is often creamy white. Our Chinese cabbage is normally a heavy, solid, tight head, but these are more like a head of romaine lettuce – loose & leafy. If we wait until they form a tighter head we may lose them again like we did the spring cabbages. This hot & dry weather is not ideal for cabbage!
  • Fall radishes (or winter radishes) are different from spring radishes. They take much longer to mature and the result is a larger, but milder, crispy radish. They are most delicious eaten raw but can also be stir-fried, or roasted. We seeded 8 different kinds this year – white, red, purple and watermelon radishes (pale green with pink centres). They had been growing well, but aphids suddenly got into the patch and sucked the life out of the green leaves. Without leaves the radishes cannot grow. We’ll lift the insect netting and get a closer look tomorrow – at least several varieties should be large enough to harvest.
  • The new zucchini patch is producing prolifically now – both green & yellow, along with several kinds of summer squash – yellow patty pan, round yellow and lemon (so named because they resemble a lemon in both shape & colour). Despite the differences in appearance they all taste much the same and can be used the same way. Our favourite way to enjoy zucchini is sliced thickly, brushed with olive oil and grilled on the BBQ until tender. Season with salt & pepper. One of our CSA members uses slices of summer squash as a pizza base, spreading her toppings on then grilling or baking them.
  • The remainder of the CSA box is familiar – blackberries, tomatoes, green onions, garlic & beets.
  • ??? We’re also picking some other vegetables this week – cucumbers, beans, carrots …  There is  not quite enough of any of these for everybody. But you should find at least one of these additional vegetables in your share.
  • Our hot peppers are slowly ripening. Some of the milder ones have already been available and as the hotter varieties mature we will have them on the table as extras for those who like some heat! From our experience so far they are really HOT this season!!


Around the farm this week …

Amy is still seeding (mostly just greens now), so I still have lots of transplanting to do!

More contrast … A new planting of spinach (left) is doing well, while the lettuce (right) has mostly died. This is despite daily watering. We’re probably losing at least 1/3 of our new plantings these days. It’s just too hot & dry for them to get established & grow.

Lots of weeds = lots of fun for somebody!

2 thoughts on “CSA 2020 – Week 13

  1. Thanks for taking the time to provide this informative posting from week to week.  May it rain well and soon! Hedy

  2. Our forecast looks promising over here… I hope some of our rain will blow your way. The flowers against the sky are gorgeous.

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