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Spring continued …


The peas are planted, the garlic is growing and the blackberries are budding.
It’s spring, and life on the farm is progressing as it should.

The snow peas were seeded where the occultation tarp had been all winter. We pulled it off last week and the ground underneath was perfect for planting. Any weeds and leftover vegetation from the fall had long since broken down & decomposed under the tarp. We lightly worked the soil and it was ready to plant.

The tarp was moved over to a new area & weighted down. We will leave it for a month or 6 weeks and  then this patch will be ready to plant. Of course we had some strong winds over the weekend and almost lost the tarp. We kept adding more & more weights, but to no avail! Finally I parked the tractor on it, to at least hold it down. Then Monday we pulled it back into place & adjusted the weights again. We’ll see …

Rows of garlic are now visible above the straw. Planted back in October, mulched in December, it is now the first crop out on the farm to show life in spring. And the best part of all – there’s no more work involved until the harvest. That will begin in early June when we will pull some for green garlic. Later that month the scapes will be harvested, and then the rest of the garlic will be pulled sometime in July.

The blackberries are pruned and tied, and looking healthy. Next we will mulch them with straw both to control the weeds and to keep the ground moist through the summer.

We did start some mulching today – rhubarb, currants, and the mint patch. Usually we let the ground warm up before applying straw, but the weeds are already pushing – so why wait!

Seeding continues in the greenhouse, and the first tomatoes will be ready for transplanting into larger pots next week.

Spring means our busy time is just beginning.

We are thankful for our work, our farm, our health and for the beauty of the season …






4 thoughts on “Spring continued …

  1. Great work so far. I eagerly anticipate my first box of goodies.
    Pray that God would bless your work and that He will give the increase.

  2. Crossing fingers markets will still be allowed this spring!

  3. Thanks, Ron, for the greening update and the beautiful spring flowers.  Love the purple, which is the colour in churches during Lent.

    We’re in this together!  Praise be to THE ONE who is also very much with us here on lowly planet earth.

    Courage and hope, Hedy

  4. Nice to see fresh flowers! Hope your season grows well 🙏
    Still blanketed in winter, here in the Edmonton area 😂💜 (Ed’n) Jackie@KWH

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