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First day of Spring

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Today was a good day – the first day of spring!

I also discovered the first flowers – a gift and a celebration of the changing seasons!

Tiny winter aconites were found blooming in the leaves & mulch underneath the redbud tree, right close to the road. I was checking the progress of the tulips & daffodils, and there they were – so small, yet so yellow and bright and beautiful and cheerful.

There are more signs of life in the gardens … tulips & daffodils sprouting,

and rhubarb,

and angelica – the earliest herb to come to life every year.

While these are days of change, uncertainty, and fear in our world, it is comforting to realize that nature with its turning seasons continues as usual, which for me brings comfort & reassurance.

Out on the farm, spring is not so obvious yet. But slowly the drab grey & brown of winter is becoming green.

Under the straw mulch we can find the garlic coming up.

And the ducks have been spotted on the pond.

We’re pruning the blackberries now – the canes appear to have come through the winter well.

In the greenhouse the tomatoes seedlings are growing.

Peppers too!

Long before the coronavirus became a part of our life, I started building a small flower/vegetable stand to put out at the road this summer, to sell any excess sunflowers etc. Constructed mostly from pallets and recycled materials, it turned out okay (if I say so myself).

Now, depending on how things turn out we may or may not be able to go to our farmers’ markets this summer. Perhaps the stand will get more use than we anticipated?

We are grateful for everyone who has signed up for our CSA program. Knowing we have a market for at least a portion of our crop, and already having money in hand to put towards the spring bills gives us security and optimism for the upcoming season. Thank you!

We are still accepting CSA applications and have waived the April 1 price increase.


As usual, the Flynns remain unaffected by our concerns.

A soft bed in a warm greenhouse on a sunny day – life is good!!

Happy 1st day of Spring!














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