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CSA 2019 – Week 9

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They say it’s good to look at things from another perspective.

So how about this …

A neighbour of ours was up in a helicopter (approx. 1 week ago) checking out their farms – and checked ours out too. Now that’s a view we never get to see! Thanks Tristan!

Our farm is outlined in red. Surrounding us are strawberry fields, then a hazelnut grove, and fruit (mostly peach) orchards. Lake Ontario is just under 2 km north of our farm. The CN railroad tracks border the south side. 

I was pleased to see that our vegetable rows are quite straight! Everything looks very green & lush.

What’s in the box?

Green beans, tomatoes, onions, basil, fresh garlic, zucchini, lettuce, salad turnips.

  • It’s always great to have something new to offer in our CSA share. This week it’s green beans. We picked a very few last week, but now there’s enough for the box. Enjoy the crunch & the snap of fresh beans!
  • After a warm weekend, we got a big pick of tomatoes today! All colours and all sizes – including big, red, round, juicy beefsteak tomatoes. Tomato lovers will be in heaven this week!
  • The onion in your share this week will be the heirloom Ailsa Craig variety that we have been growing for many years now. They are a sweeter onion & very delicious. 
  • This is a good year for basil (so far) – it thrives in the hot & dry weather we’ve been experiencing. Tomorrow’s forecasted rain may change all that, so we picked pails full of this wonderfully aromatic herb today. The barn smells amazing! Treat basil like you would a bouquet of flowers – in a jar with water. DON’T put it in the fridge – the cold temperatures will turn it black.
  • Fresh garlic! Strong, juicy, flavourful and ready to enjoy. If you will use it soon, keep it in the fridge. Or you can dry it, to keep it longer. Place it indoors or out, in a protected place where it can be kept dry, out of the direct sun, and with good air circulation. It usually takes around a month to fully dry. Of course it will be eaten long before then!
  • Zucchini (or patty pan summer squash), lettuce & salad turnips complete the box this week.

Here are 2 recipes featuring this week’s vegetables … (use fresh garlic rather than garlic powder, for better flavour)


I finished installing the new fence for the young chickens and they are loving being outside!

Sage is loving it too. She spends a lot of time just being with her new friends (and occasionally jumping at the fence – just to see them run!)

Or waiting for her special canine friend Milo and their daily walk together.



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