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2019 – The beginning!

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January 1, 2019.

The year began with a beautiful day – mild temperatures, lovely clouds, green grass …

I keep finding jobs to do outside, just so I can enjoy this weather. Today I brought in more firewood, in anticipation of the coming cold & snow. I trimmed some of the scrub trees growing up alongside the railroad tracks, and the wild grape vines that entangle them.

Rarely do I have to work alone – the Flynns always show up to see what’s going on.

Early January is also planning time.

Regardless of the weather outside, we need to spend time inside …

  • reviewing the 2018 growing season, using our notes that we scribbled throughout the year, our CSA & farmers’ market records, financial statements (and our memories).
  • planning out the upcoming season including deciding on what to grow and ordering the needed seeds. We will map out where the crops will be grown on the farm, when they will be seeded & transplanted & even probable harvest dates.
  • We need to review our marketing plan and decide on farmers’ markets and details of our CSA program and …

After many months of physical work outside on the farm, sitting at the desk and using our minds can be challenging – but I really enjoy the planning, and especially the dreaming and imagining!

And we’ll all take some time to enjoy this quieter, more relaxing season!



One thought on “2019 – The beginning!

  1. The warmer times in midwinter were nice, weren’t they? I was looking after friends’ chickens during the holidays and I enjoyed watching them stretch their legs when the snow melted and the ground thawed out. It’s good to hear what all is going on even at this time of year.

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