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To Oliver!


We said good-bye to Oliver this past week.

He was just a farm cat – one of dozens that have called our farm home through the years. But after having him around for more than 10 years (probably 12, though no one really remembers) we grew rather attached to him and he is surely missed.

Oliver had personality to spare, and a rather unique take on his place on the farm.

While all of our cats are pets, they are expected to work – catching mice & other critters, keeping the barn free of varmints. Oliver could indeed hunt with the best of them, but considered that to be part-time work only. Usually he got bored & fell asleep on the job. But he rather enjoyed being the farm greeter and running towards vehicles entering the yard. Our CSA members were familiar with this habit and drove cautiously when arriving to pick up their produce each week. But again, he often got bored & fell asleep – usually in the middle of the driveway, fully confident that cars would circle around him.

Actually, Oliver spent a good part of his life sleeping. He could make himself comfortable anywhere!

Oliver took on a new responsibility this last summer – babysitting Sage. He followed her around, hung out with her when she was tied up, and if Sage got anxious and began to bark, Oliver would rub against her and do his best to comfort & distract her. Once when Sage got herself all tangled up in the barn, we observed Oliver slowly leading Sage in circles to untangle her. They loved each other!

But most of all, Oliver loved to be with people. Wherever we were, he wanted to be – out in the fields, in the barn, in the house (not allowed – but always tried!) and often on our laps …

Oliver was a great cat!

To Oliver!!




7 thoughts on “To Oliver!

  1. So long to a wonderful companion. The boys and I enjoyed all of the pictures of Oliver asleep in the oddest of places.
    Rest in peace, seems like Oliver will have no trouble with that!

  2. Great pictures of a very cool cat!

  3. What a great tribute Ron. Oliver was a wonderful cat. He will certainly be missed.

  4. I am so very sorry to hear about Oliver. We have two cats, our older cat,Ruben,is identical to Oliver.
    I am sure you will miss him dearly!
    So very sorry
    Judy R

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  5. awe… Sad, yet glad you enjoyed so many years together 🙂 ❤ Jackie@KWH

  6. I was working on the farm when he came as a kitten! Not sure that helps with the timeline though…

  7. Just catching up and read this. I am so sad to see that Oliver has left us. Joe was convinced that Oliver knew he was coming so he would come and greet him on CSA pickup day. RIP.

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