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Seeing green

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The colour of the year for 2017 as chosen by the “world-renowned authority on colour” is greenery, “a refreshing and revitalizing shade … symbolic of new beginnings.” 

Good choice!

Of course nature always chooses green.

At this time of year, when the calendar says spring, the days are lengthening, and the sun is warming, green begins to pop up all over – in various shades & hues, shapes & textures.

And it is most welcome!
In a month or two, green will be everywhere and taken for granted. But now, early in the season we notice & savour each leaf, each sprig of greenness as it appears.
The greenhouse is also a place of green now – and more so each day. It is an especially good place to be on these drab, damp & chilly days.

We continue to seed almost daily – vegetables, herbs, & flowers.


Most things are growing well but there are always some seeds that hesitate to grow. Usually the problem is old seeds …

… or we don’t provide the proper conditions to allow for germination.

Mint grows along the edges in our larger hoophouse – adding a burst of spring flavour to salads.

And while we still revel in the newness of the green … colour appears!

Happy Spring!

One thought on “Seeing green

  1. So glad to get your emails, so sad not to see you anymore. All the best for the new season. Spring is here, robins and tulips.

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