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Snow in the forecast? It must be spring!

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We took the winter tires off the car 2 weeks ago. Last week I removed the snow plow off the tractor (Not once did I have to clear the driveway this winter. I never got a chance to try out the new tractor in the snow).

Now there is a winter storm warning for us here in Niagara today – and for much of southern Ontario too. Up to 30 cm of the white stuff is expected. Of course!

While this is not unusual, it is a bit disappointing. Where was this snow earlier in the season when it would have been welcomed & enjoyed? After a balmy winter, we were anticipating an early & sustained spring.

But it is spring in the greenhouse! We have done a lot of seeding already – onions, tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, various herbs & eggplant.

The colder temperatures of the past few days are making life difficult for these tender seedlings. Our low-tech germination set-up relies mostly on the sun & warm outdoor temperatures to keep things going. (check out last spring’s blog post for all the details on how we start our seeds – I’ve got the wood stove in the shop going full blast to help keep it & the greenhouse warmer.

If we awaken tomorrow to a white, winter wonderland, the greenhouse will feel even more welcoming & exciting! There’s nothing so good as stepping into the warmth and seeing the bright green seedlings and smelling the humid air & the tender shoots. Every day something new has germinated & poked through the soil. Every day the seedlings are growing and adding leaves …


Throughout the winter the greenhouse was the cats’ domain and they made full use of it …

Now that it is being used for it’s intended purpose the 2 grey ones have been expelled for unacceptable behaviour – ripping the plastic.

Oliver is still allowed in … so far!

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