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CSA 2016 – week 14


It’s September.

We’re weary & the farm is weary.

That means we have to try harder  …   to get motivated (set some goals), to get the work done (easily attainable goals), even to get out of bed in the morning (stronger coffee), and to see the beauty of the farm.

Here are some photos of the farm taken this morning – it really is still beautiful!


What’s in the box?

Shallots, garlic, tomatoes, kale, Bartlett pears.

  • Instead of onions there will be shallots in your box this week. Shallots are similar to an onion but perhaps less pungent & a little sweeter, with a hint of garlic. This makes them excellent to use raw.
  • Surprise! Pears! I know we aren’t growing fruit anymore, but we do have a few pear trees left that we did not manage to get cut down last fall. They were neglected – not pruned, thinned, sprayed or looked after in any way. All season I have been watching the fruit form & grow, wondering how it would turn out. The pears are not pretty! They are misshapen, damaged by insects & disease. But we are including them in your share this week because … pears are something new & different for you to eat this week, we did not want them all to go to waste, even the grocery chains are now selling imperfect fruit, and while they can be considered organic, they do show the necessity & importance of using pesticides to grow beautiful & perfect fruit. Also, they taste really good! Eat them now when they are mostly crunchy, or let them ripen at room temperature until they soften, get more yellow, and become sweeter.

Last week’s CSA share.

IMG_7824 (2)


3 thoughts on “CSA 2016 – week 14

  1. Who takes the beautiful pictures? It sure looks like you are working hard. That land is transformed, and the care and patience shows.

  2. Ron,

    Nice pics, yes – even in September.

    Would love to purchase some of those pears if they are available !!!

    God’s best,


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