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CSA 2016 – week 13

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It’s week 13 of our CSA.

That means we are well over half way through the season – about 7 weeks left to go.

It’s been a challenging summer, but a good one! While the weather has been the main event of the season – as usual – several other things stand out for us.

  • We have a great group of CSA members! You have supported & encouraged us all season. When it was dry & we were struggling to keep the vegetables alive & the baskets full of quality produce, you understood. In fact, many were surprised & pleased with the contents of the box. Other CSA farmers we know, are dealing with dissatisfied members & their complaints. We have had little of that. Thank you!
  • Several members have assured us they prefer a smaller box of produce. The amounts we have offered other years have sometimes seemed overwhelming & there was waste. That comment has surprised us, but enough people have mentioned that same thing that we are taking notice. The size of the box is always one of our biggest questions & concerns. When you pick up your box this week please let Lorie know how you feel about the quantity of produce in your share. Is it the right amount, or too much or not enough?

What’s in the box?

Kale, blackberries, cherry tomatoes, mini romaine lettuce, beans, garlic, onions, cucumbers or zucchini.

  • This week will be the first time this season we have offered kale. For a change, I won’t blame the drought. I simply neglected to seed enough earlier on. Enjoy it – finally!
  • Blackberries are a part of your share for the 4th week in a row. The plants have done well, but they seem to be running out of energy – the berries are a bit smaller & we’re picking a bit less. They still taste amazing though!
  • The tomato patch is looking wild & unkept as it usually does at this time of year. Cherry tomatoes are plentiful while the larger tomatoes are taking a break. There are less ripening, & many of those have cracked & spoiled from the recent rains.


  • Mini romaine lettuce was a hit last week. Enjoy it again!


  • The beans we are picking now were planted at the height of the drought & required daily watering to get them to germinate & then grow. Our efforts have paid off & there will be a small quantity of beans – green or dragon’s tongue yellow – in your share this week.
  • Cucumbers & zucchini – choose one or the other. Already the new plants are succumbing to disease & we are not able to get enough of either crop.

Last week’s box …


Our latest plantings of vegetables are sprouting …



We are still anticipating …

… cabbages


… sweet peppers


There are a lot of lovely pepper plants – but not many peppers. During all that extreme heat & humidity they aborted most of their blossoms. Now that temperatures have moderated, they are reblooming. Will there be time for the fruit to mature & ripen?

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