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CSA 2016 – week 5









Today is a good day to show off some of our crops …

  • These vegetables are looking healthy & green – despite being thirsty.
  • Most of the weeds are under control – but don’t look too closely!
  • The grass is cut & edges are trimmed.

We’re fairly satisfied with the way the farm is looking right now.

Other areas where we have been harvesting are tired & spent. As soon as everything is picked the vegetables will be mowed down. Usually we would plan to work up the ground & either reseed another vegetable crop or sow a cover crop to keep the weeds down & improve the soil. Because it is so dry, we will simply mow the plants & then keep mowing as necessary, using the weeds as the cover crop. When the rains do finally come, we can then work up the soil & plant the cover crop.



What’s in the box?

Raspberries, peas, beets, zucchini, salad turnips, green onions, garlic scapes.    

extras – kohlrabi

  • Raspberries! It seems everyone has been waiting for them. They taste great, but are a little small due to lack of moisture. The canes too are really suffering – drying up & dying – because they need a lot of rain. So unfortunately there will only be a small box. We also can’t promise there will be any more raspberries in your share next week.
  • Sugar snap or snow peas – you could get either kind this week. We have started to pick a new patch of snow peas. There should be a few for Tuesday, and more by Friday’s pick-up. Our row of sugar snaps is surprising us & continues to produce.
  • Your bunch of beets may be red or golden or a combination. There’s not much difference between them – except the colour, so use them the same way. Remember that the beet greens are edible too!
  • Our zucchini plants are ramping up production so there will be a couple zucchini in your box this week. They are better looking now too – not quite so ugly & misshapen.
  • Salad turnips are getting rave reviews – enjoy them again! This may be the last week for turnips.
  • To finish the box, add a bunch of green onions & garlic scapes.
  • for those who haven’t had enough kohlrabi, there will be some available as an extra. Pick one up if you want. Here’s a link to a recipe for kohlrabi fritters that a CSA member sent. They enjoyed these vegan & gluten free fritters –

Thank you for remembering to bring your box back each week.

Please return all other containers as well for reuse.

Here’s a look at last week’s box – a full share.


2 thoughts on “CSA 2016 – week 5

  1. thank you for this experience….i have never eaton sooo many fresh and good vegetables…and every week i experience something new. Sorry about the lack of rain, but eventually it will rain again.
    denise ertsinian

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words Denise!

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