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CSA 2015 – Final Week!

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Our last big crop of the season is squash & pumpkins. Most of them are now in bins in the barn & ready for selling – and eating!



This year we grew about 30 varieties of squash & pumpkins. We choose as many colours & shapes as possible to make for an eye-catching display at market. And of course flavour is very important! There isn’t enough space on our farm to grow a lot of any of these – just enough for CSA & our farmers’ markets.

Here are pictures & descriptions of most of them. (The same gourds are in each picture to give some idea of the relative size of each squash.)

Butternut – everyone’s favourite squash. Rich orange flesh with a nutty flavour. We grew 5 different kinds of butternut – various sizes.


Black Futsu -bright orange flesh with the flavour of hazelnuts.


Sunshine – a beautiful, bright orange squash (inside & out) with a sweet & somewhat dry texture. Sunshine are great for pies, baking & mashing.


Blue Hubbard (heirloom) – an old variety that is large, yellow-fleshed, somewhat dry, and not too sweet.


Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato (heirloom) – a small, sweet, tasty, acorn squash.


Jarrahdale (heirloom) – a beautiful, slate-grey, high quality, delicious pumpkin.


Long Island Cheese (heirloom) – tasty pumpkin that looks like a wheel of cheese.


Boston Marrow (heirloom) – large, dry & sweet, with good flavour.


North Georgia Candy Roaster (heirloom) – a long, banana shaped squash with sweet, orange flesh.


Moranga (heirloom) – a pink to salmon coloured squash from Brazil used to make a traditional “camaraona moranga” or shrimp in a squash.


Tetsukabuto – deep yellow flesh with a sweet, nutty flavour & smooth texture.


Stripetti – a spaghetti/sweet potato cross. The flesh is stringy like spaghetti! More flavour than a plain spaghetti squash.


Australian Butter (heirloom) – beautiful, peach coloured squash from Australia with good flavour.


Musquee de Provence (French heirloom) – The flesh is deep orange, rich & moderately sweet. The outside turns a rich brown colour as it ages.


Red Warty Thing or Victor (heirloom) – gorgeous, red-orange, large squash covered in bumps.


Galeux d’Eysines (heirloom) – commonly called “peanut” squash. A pale pink squash covered in warts or peanuts, & used for soup in France.


Porcelain Doll – a pink pumpkin used for pies, soups …


Sweet Dumpling – small, individual sized squash with very sweet, moist, yellow flesh.


Mini-squashHoneynut (mini butternut), Gold Nugget (mini orange hubbard) & Shokichi Shiro (mini kabocha).


Assorted small pumpkins


What’s in the box?

Squash, Bosc pears, tomatoes, sweet peppers.

extras – hot peppers & Bartlett pears.

  • Your choice of a few squashes this week! Not all the varieties listed above will be available – but there will be a good selection! Squash can be stored for a few weeks & up to several months for some kinds. It is important to keep them dry & cool. The easiest method (& our favourite way) to prepare squash is to slice it in half, scoop out the seeds and bake it – usually at 350 C. until it is soft when poked with a fork (approx. 45 minutes to an hour depending on size). Bake it cut side up or cut side down – it really doesn’t matter. Then scrape the flesh out of the skin, mash & enjoy. You can add brown sugar or maple syrup if you prefer a sweeter squash, or just salt & pepper.
  • The Bosc pears in your box are still very hard & green. They will take more than a week or 2 to ripen. Bosc are at their peak for eating when they begin to turn a golden brown colour. If kept refrigerated, they will last until Christmas.
  • Tomatoes & sweet peppers are coming to an end along with the CSA. Enjoy the last of them!
  • There are still hot peppers available.
  • So many of you have said how delicious the Bartlett pears are. Grab another basket if you want more. Eat them now while you wait for your Bosc pears to ripen.

This is the final week of our CSA for this season!

Thank you to all our members for being a part of this adventure in fresh eating! We hope you enjoyed all the vegetables & fruit. 

See you next year! 

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