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CSA 2014 – Week 7


The farm on Monday 14 July, 2014 …

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 What’s in the box?

 Raspberries, sweet cherries, broccoli, zucchini, lettuce, beets (maybe).

  • Raspberries!  At last Friday’s pick up, shareholders were surprised to find some raspberries in their box already. This week everybody gets raspberries. They are good this season – but not great! As the berries are ripening, we can see that the plants are suffering from the cold winter. They just don’t have the energy to ripen & size the berries the way they should. So while the quality is good, the quantity is lacking.
  • The sweet cherries are almost finished now. It was a good news/bad news story this season. We were able to pick almost all our cherry trees – which we have not done for a few years – but lost much of the fruit to birds, and to splitting & rotting because of the rains. They sure taste good though!
  • The Tuesday boxes this week will get the last of the broccoli. Now everyone has had broccoli twice. Wish we had planted more!
  • Zucchini & lettuce continue. Our goal each year is to have lettuce last longer through the season. So far it’s still doing well & tasting great – and there is more coming.
  • The beets are finally ready. Lorie will pick the first of them tomorrow – here’s hoping there will be lots!

See you at pick up!



4 thoughts on “CSA 2014 – Week 7

  1. Great photos!
    Few words.
    One might think you’re busy this time of year or something 😉

  2. OMG is that Guinefowl? Look at that basil, maybe I should buy some more.

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