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CSA 2014 – Week 6

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Nature is always fascinating, putting on an incredible show. Here on the farm we are privileged to have a front row seat!

Some examples …

1. Remember the black yum yum tomatoes that the groundhogs were feasting on a few weeks ago?

This is what they looked like then …


Once the groundhogs moved on to other treats, the plants recovered and today they look like this …


Slightly smaller than the other tomatoes, but catching up fast! Really, there are no other signs of the damage they suffered.

2. We are growing 35 varieties of eggplant this season. One of those 35 is infested with Colorado potato beetles – only 1! (yes, the potato beetle if given a choice, prefers eggplant over potatoes or tomatoes). None of the other eggplants has even 1 potato beetle (yet). Why do the bugs prefer Turkish Orange eggplant?


At first we thought to pull out those eggplants. Then we reconsidered. If we remove that variety, the potato beetles will move on to other plants – maybe lots of kinds? So we left the plants and picked off the beetles. We’ve done it twice now, and the plants are growing out of their damage quickly. We recheck the plants every day & squish any potato beetles we find.


3. Cutting the grass in the orchards the other day, the tractor was surrounded by a flock of barn swallows. They followed me for hours, swooping & diving, eating insects that rose up from the grass as I mowed.


But when I was cultivating the soil and getting it ready to plant, it was the blackbirds that were tailing me – red wings, grackles … They were finding the worms & bugs in the newly disturbed ground.

The birds knew what I was doing and when & how they could benefit from my actions.

4. The cherries are ripe!

While the first variety had a poor crop (about 5% only) due to pollination & birds, the quality was pretty good. The mid season cultivars that we are picking now have a heavier load, but have been significantly affected by the rain.





The later cherries are still looking okay, but we are hoping for no more rain!

What’s in the box?

Sweet cherries, broccoli and/or zucchini, snow peas, garlic scapes, lettuce mix.

  • Everyone has been waiting for the fruit. Here it is – sweet cherries!
  • Everyone’s box should include a head of broccoli (the little bunnies are quite enjoying it too!) and/or a zucchini.
  • Your share this week includes the last of our snow peas. They have been great this year.
  • Garlic scapes & lettuce continue. Thanks for your comments on the different lettuces & which ones are preferred. This helps us decide what to grow next season.

Remember to return all containers that come with your produce. We can reuse them.



This is not a skunk under the orchard mower! It’s Meesha hunting for a groundhog that is hiding here. This time of year the young groundhogs are been sent away from home to make their own way in the world & we find them in some unusual spots. Try as she may, Meesha could not get this one.



One thought on “CSA 2014 – Week 6

  1. Another great blog post!! Very happy to be a part of the Thiessen Farms CSA programme again this year!

    I wanted to ask either Ron or Lori if you still had any scrap peach tree wood hanging around the farm anywhere? Any fruit tree wood for that matter would be great. I don’t expect that you do, but if so, I’ll be happy to come and grab a load of it for my smoker this weekend/week coming. Thanks! Have a great day!! Jon

    Jon Wellington, Sales Representative Coldwell Banker Momentum Realty, Brokerage 353 Lake St., St. Catharines, ON L2N 7G4

    office 905 935-8001 direct 905 359-7600 email

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