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CSA 2022 – Week 11


My favourite crop right now?


We have a 100′ row of dahlias with the most beautiful, burgundy coloured flowers, just starting to open. They are not for selling – just for us to enjoy.

A little extravagant? Perhaps. But they do wonders for the soul! And they are exactly what we need at this point in our season.

Along with an abundance of other flowers found around the farm, they encourage us, cheer us up, and remind us of the beauty to be seen in our world.

What’s in the box?

Green sweet pepper, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes,

salad greens, red onion, garlic, beets.

  • The first sweet peppers of the season are in the box this week – sweet green peppers. Did you know that a green pepper is actually an unripe pepper? Most peppers will eventually turn red (or orange or yellow or …) as they mature. That’s why the coloured peppers are sweeter than the green. We will have all the colours in a few weeks as the fruit ripens.
  • Find a hot pepper or two also in the box this week. Not everyone uses hot peppers so feel free to say no to a Jalapeno or Hungarian hot wax (yellow banana) – no hard feelings! The jalapeno will add a little bit of heat to your salad, sauce, soup … but the milder hot wax pepper mostly just adds flavour with almost no heat.
  • Tomatoes, salad greens, a red onion, garlic & beets complete the box.


Around the farm this week …

Some of our recent plantings. These are mainly salad greens – lettuce & spinach, plus arugula & bok choy under the insect netting.

Lots of empty beds now – these were sunflowers, zucchini and beans.
Mowing the buckwheat field.

Rosemary! Her actions & antics indicate she’s here for a good time – but probably not a long time!

Our #1 helper turns 4 today.

2 thoughts on “CSA 2022 – Week 11

  1. Thanks for the visual treats and for seeing grandpa with the grandsons. 

  2. The children are so sweet! Enjoy!

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