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Beautiful May


It has almost been a month since I last posted.

Time flies when you’re having fun busy!

Tomatoes are planted. Snapped this photo last week. Since then we have pounded in posts and mulched most of them with straw. And WOW they are growing! Today we planted the eggplant and some sweet peppers.

Everything is growing like gangbusters right now.

While these pictures are only a few days old, the crops have almost doubled in size since. It’s hard to keep up!



Around the farm this week …

May is a beautiful month. So many flowers & trees to enjoy!

Heartnut tree

Just enjoying the sun …

… or a catnip induced stupor!
Morning chores – feeding the baby chicks.


We are looking forward to seeing all our friends again

this Saturday 4 June – opening day of the Georgetown Farmers’ Market,

and at our 1st CSA pick up the following week.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful May

  1. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing you at the Market Saturday. Please bring a couple Cherokee Purple plants for me if you have any .

    See you bright and early. Barry R

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