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“Come on spring! Come here. I just want to play and dig in the dirt”

This plaintive comment came from our 3 year old grandson recently, while driving with his dad on a snowy day.

I think he expressed how many of us are feeling. After a long, cold & snowy winter, we are all ready for some warmth – and digging in the dirt!

Fortunately for us, until spring does arrive, we have greenhouses to be in. (Technically they are hoophouses, not greenhouses, as we have no source of heat in them, except for the sun!) No matter the temperatures outside, they are cozy and springtime-warm inside – when the sun is shining.

Isaiah has been busy all winter playing there, having a wonderful time digging!

The Flynns enjoy their naps there.

And now it’s our turn as well. Amy has been seeding – onions, tomatoes, peppers & eggplant – and they are all coming up! It looks great & smells great in the greenhouse and it feels great to be back working with seed & soil.

The calendar shows that it is officially spring now, and it is beginning to feel like it too – both in the greenhouse and outdoors.

Come on spring!


Around the farm this week …

The last bit of snow on the farm.
The garlic patch – no sign of green shoots yet!
Pruning blackberries – very little winter damage but some mouse damage (no doubt the Flynns spent too much time napping in the greenhouse instead of hunting in the blackberries!).
Best sign of spring yet 🙂

5 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. Thanks for this first-signs-of-spring posting.  Love those yellow
    flowers.  😉  Hedy

    PS  Nice to see the two of you participate in the service on Sunday.  I
    hope to be there this coming Sunday.  Lenten blessedness, Hedy

  2. great pictures what are those yellow flowers call have a lot of then

  3. We are looking forward to sunny Saturdays at the market. Cannot wait to watch things grow.

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