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CSA 2022


Bok choy & lettuce from USA, peppers & tomatoes from Mexico, grapes & blueberries from Peru, mangoes from Brazil, apricots from Chile, oranges from Spain, grapefruit from Israel, kiwi from New Zealand, and mushrooms, yams & greenhouse tomatoes from Ontario.

I’m reading the weekly grocery flyer and in awe of the variety and origins of produce available. Whether we consider that to be good or bad, it really is amazing! I can eat “fresh” fruit & vegetables from at least 5 different continents – if I choose to!

Mostly we choose not to. (Though there are always lemons in our fridge & sometimes bananas on the counter.)

During our own growing season when there is a plethora of fresh vegetables, we preserve a lot. We freeze, can, and dehydrate. Now in winter, it is both convenient & satisfying to grab a handful of frozen peppers to add to our stir fry, spoon some canned peaches on my breakfast porridge or sprinkle some homemade paprika on our scrambled eggs. We are still enjoying our own onions, garlic, carrots & squash which have all stored well this winter. And we will buy some Ontario-grown vegetables & fruit as well.

But we sure are looking forward to our own fresh produce – tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, lettuce …

We hope you are too!

Which brings us to CSA. We are now accepting applications to our CSA program for 2022. Please consider joining us. You will enjoy fresh, healthy, delicious vegetables, herbs & blackberries grown right here in Jordan Station.

Find all the information on the CSA page above or email us and we’ll send it to you.

Here’s a reminder of what to expect …


Around the farm this week …

Early morning sunrise today.
There’s too much snow to get out on the farm. We’re mostly catching up on indoor work.

5 thoughts on “CSA 2022

  1. It’s always enjoyable to read your post!
    Wondering will you be in North York Center market this summer?

  2. You are so right about all the veggies etc. from around the world think of the pollution an preservatives to keep them FRESH


  3. Colour-full indeed – in anticipation of…..h

  4. Looking forward to the fresh produce, especially eggplants, my favourite veggie!


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