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Farm talk


One of the best things about our CSA is getting to meet a lot of really great people!

We have gotten to know neighbours who we might not otherwise have met, reconnected with cousins and old friends, and made many new friends from all across Niagara.

Some CSA members stay and visit when they pick up their box – especially if they arrive when it is not busy in the barn – and we (ie Lorie) get to know them a bit. This has been especially enjoyable and satisfying during the pandemic when human contact has been more limited.

This year we learned that a CSA member hosts a really good podcast. Each week Mike interviews someone about their work or an interest they have. There’s no limit to the variety of topics discussed.

Mike interviewed me the other week and we talked about the farm and our CSA program. If you are interested, here is the link to our conversation:

Check out his other episodes too.


Around the farm this week …

We mulched the garlic recently. With Sage’s “help” we spread a nice, thick blanket of straw over the patch.
After some very windy days, yesterday was calmer so I spread this pile of leaves received from a lawn care guy (and a few neighbours). My hope was that the snow forecast for today would hold them down and make them somewhat wind-resistant. I think it worked! I spread them with the manure spreader, over a field where we will plant tomatoes next summer. A lot of the leaves will break down over the winter and we will incorporate them into the soil come spring. Leaves are a free source of nutrients and organic matter for the soil. The more I can get the better!
Strong winds like we’ve experienced lately always bring down many branches from the 2 silver maples in our backyard. But no damage done!
Flynn & Flynn are happy to enjoy the warmth of the greenhouse on cold December days.
Christmas preparations!

8 thoughts on “Farm talk

  1. Happy Sunday It was great to get to meet you this past year. I think we need to do some brainstorming so that we can extend the year and grow stuff over the winter!

    The CSA is really building community and God knows we lack neighbor to neighbor connections.

    To decrease your work maybe some of us could volunteer to do stuff around the farm.

    Merry Christmas

    Mary and Paul Kovacs

  2. Merry Christmas Ron, Lorie, Amy and the rest of the Thiessen clan! ❤

  3. Always love receiving these updates. The pictures are great too. Thank you for keeping us informed. Merry Christmas!

    • Was wonderful getting to know you all better. I really miss seeing you!
      Al and I wish you a lovely Christmas and the very best in the new year.
      Marnie xox

      P.S. How did I not know that both your cats have the same name? That’s brilliant. Lol

      • Merry Christmas Marnie & Al!
        Both cats are named Flynn because we can barely tell them apart – it’s just easier this way 🙂

    • Thanks Darren. Merry Christmas to all the Pries-Klassens!

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