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Final Pick

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It feels good. Really good!

Today we picked all the peppers and eggplant for the last time. There wasn’t much. Then I hitched the mower to the tractor and mowed all the plants down.

In a few minutes our large vegetable patch went from this …

… to this!

Usually I find it hard to mow down the crops, but not this year. The plants were basically empty – picked clean. So I had no problem getting rid of them.

Yesterday I picked the popcorn. It was supposed to be ready for the last week of CSA but didn’t quite make it. Now it’s drying in the greenhouse.

Tomorrow we’ll pick greens from our last beds – spinach, lettuce, arugula, salad mix, bok choy – for our final Saturday market.

Our last planting of sunflowers started opening this week too – just in time for Saturday’s market.

Next week any leftovers from market, any lingering squash in the barn, and whatever greens are still in the field will be packed up and sent off to the food bank.

Then we’re done!

And it feels good!


Around the farm this week …

A wet day at Georgetown market last Saturday. Here’s hoping for better weather this week!

Thank you Georgetown for a great market season!

One thought on “Final Pick

  1. We miss you and the wonderful fresh greens

    Paul and Mary Kovacs

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