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CSA 2021 – Week 14


Carrots – the preferred car snack for this little guy. He doesn’t mind that they are misshapen & ugly. They taste great!

Anyone who has been a CSA member here for a few years knows that carrots are not a sure thing for us – for some reason we always struggle to grow a nice carrot. I see no reason to recount the details of our carrot misfortunes again this season. Suffice it to say that there will be no carrots in your box this year.

Actually, we have issues with all the “C” vegetables. Carrots, cabbage, cucumbers – these we attempt yearly with varied results. Cauliflower, celery & celeriac we have given up on. And corn is way easier to buy at market each week.

I do not think our inability to grow these vegetables makes us failures as farmers … it just feels that way sometimes 🙂

So, while carrots & cabbage were scheduled to be in the box this week, there will be no “C” vegetables – not this week … or any week!!

What’s in the box?

Peppers, blackberries, tomatoes, onions, zucchini,

green beans, garlic, salad greens & beets.

Your box this week is similar to last weeks, but there are a few things to note.

The quantity & variety of peppers is still increasing, but blackberries & tomatoes are on the decline. We have a great onion crop so you can expect several onions in your share this week. This is probably the final week for zucchini.


Around the farm this week …

Today’s planting – lettuce, salad mix, arugula, baby kale & bok choy.
We received approx. 1/3″ rain overnight – not a lot, but enough to freshen things up.
Picking beefsteak tomatoes.
Picking beans.
Signs of fall …
Sometimes it just feels right to sit …

2 thoughts on “CSA 2021 – Week 14

  1. My gosh, your grandson is so big! That picture is adorable. The carrots almost look like toy figurines lol. I do great growing red and green cabbage but cannot grow carrots. Cucumbers are hit and miss for sure. You are all amazing farmers and we appreciate everything you do! See you Saturday!

  2. Its nice c-ing the grandson enjoying the “c” veggie. 😁

    Am reminded of the ditty of years ago: “The golden rod is yellow, the leaves are turning brown, the trees in apple orchard, with fruit are bending down.”  Sorry, don’t know the author.


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