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CSA 2021 – Week 9

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What’s in the box?

Cucumbers, green beans, fresh garlic, tomatoes,

onions, zucchini, salad greens.

Extras – eggplant, kohlrabi.

Cucumbers are the crop that keeps us humble. They are not particularly difficult to grow – it just that we can’t seem to do it! This year it was the heat that wiped out our 1st planting shortly after transplanting to the field. Our 2nd planting is producing now – not an abundance, but enough for a taste. We are trying several kinds this season to see if one performs better and holds the promise of a plethora of my favourite vegetable!

Green Beans on the other hand grow very well for us. These we have an abundance of!

How was the fresh garlic last week? We will be including a bulb of garlic in the box every week now. Remember that it is still quite fresh and not completely dried yet. Once you break the bulb open, use it quickly. Or leave it to dry – room temperature in a spot with good air circulation.

The amount of tomatoes we are picking continues to increase. The size is increasing too. Along with the cherries, the medium size salad tomatoes are ripening, and we’re even picking a handful of beeksteaks now. (There should be enough of these for the CSA boxes in a week or two.)

Onions, zucchini & salad greens (probably lettuce & arugula) complete your box this week.

Extras include eggplant & kohlrabi. Our eggplant are thriving in this weather. The rains especially have been very beneficial for them and we’re picking many beautiful eggplant in many beautiful colours. It’s listed as an extra because we know it is a love-it-or-hate-it vegetable. So if you love it, grab one or a few and enjoy! And if you hate it, just walk on by. Or … maybe … why not give eggplant a try?


Around the farm this week …

We are adding another layer of straw mulch to the eggplant to discourage the persistent weeds
The squash are flourishing! Under the squash plants and under the weeds are several kinds of cover crop growing. Later in fall once the squash is harvested we’ll mow the plants down and have a green carpet of clover, hairy vetch etc … to cover the soil for the winter.
Today I transplanted salad greens including kale, arugula, mizuna, tatsoi, bok choy …
But there are always more trays of seedlings (including cucumbers) waiting to be transplanted to the field.
The young chickens are finally realizing that life is better outside.
One of the Flynns relaxing Sunday afternoon.
Then today it was back to work – the fierce hunter caught a snake (it was a catch & release).
Sage enjoying some relaxation on the deck …
… or running around when the mood strikes.

One thought on “CSA 2021 – Week 9

  1. This time the chickens made it into the posting –  those cats and the dog do not have a monopoly on being featured!!😂 hms

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