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CSA 2021 – Week7

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They say trouble comes in threes.

So here’s our trouble tally from last Friday …

  1. One of our golf carts simply quit running – at one of the furthest corners of the farm!
  2. The riding lawn mower quit running – just as Lorie started her weekend mowing.
  3. The cold storage didn’t stop running, but one of the fans on the compressor did, which made for a terrible noise and we had to shut the cooler down – even though it contained lots of vegetables that needed to be kept cool for CSA & market.
  4. When we wanted to load the van for market, it did not have a flat tire, yet – but the warning light indicated that it was heading in that direction.

That is more than 3 troubles!

None of these issues was major, but the way they happened one after the other, on our busiest day of the week, on the day we are the most tired, was most annoying and added a bit of unneeded stress.

But hey! If every day ran perfectly we would take it for granted, and not appreciate the calm, easy days.

And the outcome of our troubles?

  1. The golf cart was easily fixed with a new battery cable – we keep lots on hand for this very problem.
  2. Our most excellent garden equipment dealer fixed the riding mower before the afternoon was over and Lorie could resume mowing on Saturday.
  3. We have 2 cold storages so we turned the 2nd one on and used it instead. The broken fan should be fixed in a day or two.
  4. We pumped up the van tire (a few times) and crossed our fingers that we’d get to market and home ok – and we did! Tomorrow it goes to the tire shop for repairs.

Today – Monday – went quite smoothly without any troubles, which we noticed, acknowledged and were thankful for!

What’s in the box?

Onions, zucchini, beets, salad greens, fresh herbs, green onions.

Extras – garlic scapes, kohlrabi

The first onions of the season are ready – Spanish-type onions that are a little sweeter than some. We are excited to have them. Last year our onions were a failure as they got infested with thrips which chewed the plants & sapped their energy, resulting in a very small harvest of even smaller onions. This year they look great!

The rest of your box is quite similar to last week – zucchini, beets, various salad greens, fresh herbs, green onions.

Extras this week are garlic scapes & kohlrabi.

Why do we have these as extras? Neither vegetable is a favourite for many people and rather than include them in the box again, we make them available for those who really want them.

For example, one CSA member opened her fridge the other day only to be greeted by this …

Guessing this family will not be choosing kohlrabi this week! Hahahaha!

Coming to your CSA box soon …



Around the farm this week …

After last week’s wetness, it was good to start catching up on the planting today.
Crops are growing well – weeds too!
Our student workers spend time picking potato bugs off the eggplant several mornings each week.
Now the Japanese beetles have landed as well.
Sage might be a princess …
… but she sure was a happy dog when I turned the compost pile!
Our official taste-tester eating cabbage leaves …
… and spinach & arugula seedlings.
It’s sunflower season!

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