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CSA 2021 – Week 5


We received a lovely comment on the blog recently from a CSA member.

“Loved the Chinese Cabbage from week 3!
It made a delicious ‘Caldo Gallego’ that brought back sweet memories from my father’s homeland in Galicia, Spain. This soup is a staple there. A simple boil of cabbage, potatoes, and smoked bacon.
Wish I could post a photo here, it looks just delicious! Thanks Thiessen Family”

Here is the picture …

I think it looks delicious – so fresh & bright.

We always love to hear how our vegetables are used, and welcome pictures and recipes. It is even more special when the crops we grow can bring back happy memories for our friends.

Another member was excited for the kohlrabi as his mother made soup with them when he was a boy. Actually kohlrabi is the vegetable that seems to bring back the most memories for people – both CSA & market customers – as it was common in many parts of Europe & eastern Europe years ago. Seems a shame it is not more well known & liked here.

What’s in the box?

Kohlrabi, zucchini, beets, garlic scapes, salad greens, arugula,

bok choy, green onions, mini romaine.

Broccoli – Tuesday only

Kohlrabi was new to many of our CSA members last week. Did you like it? Check last weeks newsletter for suggestions on how to prepare it. We have been planting kohlrabi every few weeks since spring so it should be part of the box often. We’re pretty excited to be picking some beautiful kohlrabi this year after last year’s disappointing harvest.

Zucchini season has started with a bang – lots & lots of delicious, tender, summer squash in green & yellow, zucchini & patty pan and even some marrow. (We mostly grow the marrow for our British friend at market who ask for it because it reminds them of home.) We have been enjoying our zucchini raw so far – who even feels like cooking these hot days?

The recent rains have really helped the beets to grow and mature. There will be another bunch in your share this week.

We planted a lot of garlic last fall which means there are a lot of garlic scapes ready now. If you are making pesto and need an extra bunch, please ask Lorie when you grab your box.

And the same as every week, expect a bag or two of some kind of salad greens in your share – either our lettuce mix or spicy salad mix, baby kale, spinach … There will be a separate bag of arugula (in case you want it for pizza topping!), and probably bok choy too. Also mini romaine and green onions.

The hot weather has finished the broccoli in a hurry. We picked the last of it today – there should be enough for the Tuesday boxes.

We will be cleaning up the beds of salad turnips & Chinese cabbage this week and there could some available as well.


Around the farm this week …

The weeds are continue to thrive – but we have made some amazing saves of some of our vegetables, and are making good progress overall keeping them in check.
New plantings continue – here are salad greens & various herbs.
I’m behind on mowing the cover crop, but it sure is beautiful! The problems come when it is allowed to flower, go to seed, and then can become a weed itself.
Lavender in bloom
Fennel growing well.
The first tomatoes are ripe! Still a few weeks until there are enough ready for our CSA boxes.
Thanks to the coyote we see very few of these guys this year – and have had no damage to our crops either.

But it is not all work around the farm. We still find time to play …

… and swim on a hot day (in the neighbour’s irrigation pond!)

3 thoughts on “CSA 2021 – Week 5

  1. Hi

    When my parents and I come to Canada in 1951 there was no Kohlrabi we had to get seeds from Europe..

    I make a Kohlrabi Soup Hungarian style .. loved the picture from the Chinese Cabbage.

    Sauté 2 cups cut up Kohlrabi in Sunflower oil and a little water. When you can pierce it with fork, mash with potato masher.

    Add salt and pepper to taste add a tablespoon full of tapioca powder of flour, Mix well, add 2 coups chicken soup broth slowly bring it to a slow boil, Add 2-3 tbsp. of cut up parsley and add half a cup of sour cream with one tsp of apple cider vinegar, May want to eat it with croutons or for extra flavor add Bay leaves at beginning of Process

    We loved the extra Kohlrabi you gave Paul not a problem that they were not perfect because the taste was! Thank You

    Mary Kovacs

  2. Lush greenery complimented by purple lavender plus orange and yellow blooms. Its summer!!!! h

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