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CSA 2021 – Week 3


The storm arrived quickly, lasted only a brief time, and then moved on, thunder rumbling into the distance. But it dumped about 15mm of rain and several minutes worth of hail – around the size of small gravel – on the farm yesterday afternoon.

While a farmer’s preference is always a slow, steady rain, during the night (with clearing by morning so as to not interfere with the day’s work) with climate change we seem more likely to get severe storms, and so we learn to accept & adapt. Regardless, while the rain was welcomed the hail was not!

It caused some damage – mostly tears & rips in the leaves of eggplant, beans, & zucchini etc. Not every leaf was hit nor every plant (hail is usually sporadic) and the vegetables should recover just fine. The concern is more about mold and disease entering the plant and causing long-term problems especially on full season vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant … that cannot be replanted or replaced. The tomato stems have some wounds but we will spray a weak fertilizer solution on the plants to give them a boost and hopefully overcome any issues.

What’s in the box?

Mini romaine lettuce, salad greens, green onions, salad turnips, Chinese cabbage, beets, snow peas (Tuesday only).

We have grown mini romaine lettuce for a few years now and it is very popular amongst both our CSA members and our farmers’ market customers. People seem to prefer a smaller romaine that can be eaten in 1 or 2 meals – and it tastes great! We offer both a green & a dark red mini romaine.

There is no shortage of salad greens at this time of year. Once again your share will contain a varied selection of our spring greens – lettuce mix, salad blend, mustard, mizuna, arugula, bok choy, baby kale

There will be green onions & salad turnips to add to your salads. (There were supposed to be radishes too, but the hot weather ruined their texture and made them so spicy that we decided not to include them.)

Chinese cabbage is one of my favourite vegetables. Crisp, tender, and mild – it is delicious used fresh in a salad instead of lettuce. Or use the large leaves as wraps, make it into coleslaw, kimchi or stir-fry it. While the outer leaves are a lovely green colour, the inside is often creamy white. Chinese cabbage can be a heavy, solid, tight head or sometimes more like a head of romaine lettuce – loose & leafy, or something in between. It prefers cooler weather and does best in fall so we’re quite pleased to have some nice Chinese cabbage in June. Stored in a plastic bag in the fridge Chinese cabbage will keep for a long time – so no rush to finish it!

The first beets are ready! Small, sweet, earthy & tender, these delicious vegetables can be enjoyed raw in your salad, or lightly cooked (no need to peel them – they are that tender!).

*** CSA members who pick up on Tuesday will get snow peas this week. Everyone else received theirs last week. “Vegetable candy” one member called them & they are that amazing – but you only get them once.

Around the farm this week …

The insect cover protects the vegetables not only from bugs but also from the hail yesterday.
We finally got the peppers – both sweet & hot – planted in the field last week.
Tomatoes are staked and we’re pruning & tying now. The row on the left has been pruned & tied. The row on the right has not. We will continue to prune & tie regularly (or as time permits) until the plants reach the top of the stakes.
The garlic is forming its curly scapes. Expect some in your CSA share soon.
I mowed the field of cover crop before it went to seed, but left several strips uncut for the bees and other insects & pollinators to enjoy.
The elderberries are in bloom. We cut theses flowers to sell at market. They are used in drinks (elderflower cordial) or in baking.
Sunflowers & green beans – we seed these 2 crops every week, all summer long.
Blackberries in bloom.
Sharing snow peas.


Even the Flynns were caught off-guard by yesterday’s storm and ran into the barn soaked & miserable … but nothing a bowl of fresh kibble couldn’t cure!

7 thoughts on “CSA 2021 – Week 3

  1. Thanks for the update. I always appreciate your produce report- so positive even when weather isn’t cooperating. From a former resident of the area Hedy’s sister

  2. We too grew tomatoes, staked ’em and also had acres of field tomatoes which we picked with 11-quart baskets, dumped them into crates and off they went to the Culverhouse Canning factory in Vineland near the Lake. H

  3. ps.  just happened to open the comments section and lo, there’s a note from my sister Helen!!  Your Sawadsky sister fans have written. 😁  h

  4. And always good to hear from you both!

    My dad had similar stories of growing tomatoes for the canning factory.

  5. Loved the Chinese Cabbage from week 3!
    It made a delicious ‘Caldo Gallego’ that brought back sweet memories from my father’s homeland in Galicia, Spain. This soup is a staple there. A simple boil of cabbage, potatoes, and smoked bacon.
    Wish I could post a photo here, it looks just delicious! Thanks Thiessen Family 🙂

    • Thanks Josefina. So glad our cabbage brought back good memories – and tasted good too.
      You could email me a picture of the soup if you want & I can post it on the blog.

      • It does taste delicious! Also, if you make a big pot of ‘Caldo Gallego’, it keeps really well really well in the freezer.
        Thanks for posting the picture on the blog for week 5, you guys are amazing 🙂

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