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The last fall chore


The garlic patch got mulched last week.

We tucked it to bed for the winter under a thick covering of straw. We chose a morning when the ground was frozen but there was no snow. The straw will keep the ground frozen which will prevent the garlic cloves from being pushed out of the ground during the freezing/thawing cycles we experience during our winters. Rodents may burrow into the straw, but not into the frozen soil underneath.

When spring rolls around in a few months, the straw will keep the weeds from growing and make our garlic an almost-work-free crop until harvest.

Of course we had some help spreading the straw …


Around the farm …

We have had some varied and colourful sunsets recently.

The 1st snowfalls are always the most beautiful.


4 thoughts on “The last fall chore

  1. Absolutely gorgeous sunset pics!

  2. So good of you to clue us in on your helpers. 😁  Blessed Advent! hms

  3. That picture of Amy and the doggo on the hay bale is stunning! Did Kristin take it? Just beautiful.

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