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First Snow!

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People sing songs about it, write poems about it, take pictures of it ….

That first snowfall of the winter is always special – except when it comes in early November!

It began with a light dusting – a reminder that winter was coming.

Then we had the first big snowfall! Monday November 11 to be exact is when we received close to 30cm – and it stayed.

Up until then, the fall weather was quite nice.

We were working our way through the fall chores – the list was almost complete.

Garlic was planted (with some assistance).

The summer crops were all cleaned up, compost was spread, & the farm was nearly ready for winter.

That last planting of greens was finally big enough to harvest, but just a little too late for the final markets (so we have been enjoying a lot of fresh, fall salads).

And then came the snow! Suddenly the farm went from this …

To this …

And our outdoor fall work came to an abrupt end. We moved into the barn where we began cleaning up from the summer, and winterizing & putting equipment away. I spent time in the office and got caught up (finally) on book work.

I will admit that the snow was beautiful.

This week’s warmer temperatures have melted most of it, and we’re back outside again.

Today was milder and we even saw some sun.

Only Sage is unhappy that the snow has disappeared. She’s a big fan of the white stuff & the cold temperatures!

Don’t worry Sage – there will be plenty more before you know it. Predictions are for a cold & snowy winter!

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  1. What a lovely commentary.   Thanks. H

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