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CSA 2019 – Week 7


Today was a seeding & planting day on the farm.

Actually, every Monday is!

People are often surprised that we’re still seeding & planting – but we will continue to do so, well into September (weather permitting of course).

Every Monday Amy seeds trays of lettuce, spinach, etc … She seeded the first spinach back in early April and lettuce soon after. Then she added bok choy & green onions. Kale & swiss chard followed. Lately she’s added a salad mix, dill, cilantro & basil to the list. Every few weeks she also seeds trays of beets, kohlrabi, fennel … We’ve stopped bok choy for a while – it really doesn’t do well in this heat (nor spinach – but we keep trying since it is so popular with our customers). Green onion seeding also finished a while back. If our timing works out, the green onion harvest should end when the big onions are ready to eat. All these trays of seedlings are started inside our small greenhouse or outside in the yard.

Each week I then transplant vegetable seedlings out into the fields. I use our paperpot transplanter which makes a slow, backbreaking job extremely fast & easy. See for a description & pictures of this amazing piece of equipment.

Here’s some of today’s plantings … Because the soil is very hot & dry now, I water them thoroughly at planting to ease their transition to the ground.

A few crops we seed directly into the ground. Sunflowers I seed every week and beans about every 2 weeks.

Here’s our largest sunflowers (remember, the first planting was completely eaten by the birds). Subsequent plantings can be seen in the background.

The latest (3rd) planting still has yellow ribbons blowing to discourage birds from feasting on the seeds.

And today I seeded more, and also the first of the fall radishes (watermelon radishes, daikon …)

The first planting of green beans is blooming – beans coming soon! The next planting is growing nicely.

We are actually hoping for some rain this week. While there is still a lot of moisture in the soil, the top few inches – where we put the seeds, and plant the tiny seedlings – is dry & hot. Some of our recent plantings have struggled & are a bit sparse because of this. Some precipitation would benefit the farm greatly.

What’s in the box?

Zucchini, cabbage or Chinese cabbage, lettuce mix, beets, green onions, garlic scapes.

(maybe kohlrabi & salad turnips)

  • We are finally picking zucchini! After the cucumber beetles decimated so much of the patch, enough came back to produce a (smaller) crop. The bad news – for zucchini traditionalists – is that we have no green zucchini. They were the preferred food for those hungry insects. The golden zucchini made a remarkable come-back, and the patty pans were mostly spared. So yellow it is!!

  • With zucchini, both colour really doesn’t matter. They all taste the same. The round patty pans too – they’re just a different shape. As far as size goes, certainly the smaller ones are more tender. But even the large ones are still tender enough to eat fresh. And if you plan to throw them on the BBQ, cook with them, or bake a zucchini loaf, then the big ones are the way to go.
  • Chinese (or napa) cabbages are also ready – sort of! While I expected to pick an abundance of these tender cabbages, many of them are still not filled out, while many are. So we’ll pick what we can and then also pick some regular cabbage too. Or almost regular! We have some little pointed cabbages that are about big enough to enjoy. These funny-looking but delicious morsels are just enough for a meal – no leftovers here! Both kinds of cabbage are great for salads, coleslaws or quick cooking.

  • Lettuce mix, beets, green onions & garlic scapes are again a part of your box this week.
  • Hoping for more salad turnips & enough mature kohlrabi for the CSA share this week as well – we won’t know until we pick tomorrow. (There’s lots of kohlrabi but they remain small and many of them are cracking.)

A reminder that we can reuse the containers that we pack your vegetables in.

Please return them rather than throwing them away.

2 thoughts on “CSA 2019 – Week 7

  1. Sure do miss you guys

  2. Just read this and anticipate rain real soon.  May it be so!! h

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