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CSA 2019 – Week 5

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What’s in the box?

Broccoli, snow peas, garlic scapes, lettuce mix, salad turnips, green onions.

  • Broccoli made a surprise appearance in your CSA share last week. We were not expecting it to be ready – but it was! And everyone seemed pretty excited to see it. Enjoy it again this week!
  • These hot temperatures we’ve experienced recently do nothing for the snow peas – except hasten their demise! Snow peas much prefer those cooler temperatures we had a few weeks ago. Our first planting has already been mowed down. The second planting is producing well and we hope it will continue another week – but no guarantees. However there will be snow peas in your box this week!
  • There are always 3 chances to enjoy garlic. Green garlic – the immature garlic plant – has been included in the box several times already. Later this month we’ll harvest the mature garlic plant, let the bulb air dry for several weeks and then it will be ready to enjoy by late August. In between these 2 stages we have garlic scapes, a favourite of many! The curly scape grows out of the top of the garlic plant, will open into flowers and then produce seeds. But they are usually cut off rather, so the plant’s energy goes into producing a better, tastier garlic bulb.

  • Garlic scapes are delicious and have a mild garlic flavour. Use them as you would a green onion or scallion. They are great made into pesto, or coat them in olive oil and cook them on the grill. Here’s a link to an interesting article, “10 things to do with garlic scapes, the best veg you’re not cooking yet”.
  • Lettuce mix, salad turnips & green onions complete your CSA share this week.

Perhaps you are noticing that the box is a bit smaller this week? While summer has arrived – both according to the calendar, and the hot temperatures we’ve enjoyed lately – the cool, wet spring continues to affect our crops. Because we were delayed in our seeding & planting at times, and lost other plantings due to weather, our harvest is now delayed as well. Beets, kohlrabi, Chinese cabbage, more spinach … are all almost ready – but not quite! 

Happy Canada Day!

Sage didn’t care if today was a holiday or not – she was ready to “work” first thing!

Others preferred to celebrate by sleeping in …

… or going for a drive.


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