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Summer in October

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We have had some wonderfully warm weather this week. It feels like summer in October!

The crops responded and put on a massive growth spurt. We continue to harvest greens including lettuce, spinach, arugula, bok choy, Chinese (napa) cabbage, chard & kale.

The fields look great!

The pepper patch looks tired though – but we are picking some beautiful peppers.

This week we harvested the last of the bitter melons, kohlrabi, edamame and probably eggplant too. There remain a few beets, salad turnips, and winter radishes.

Our final planting of the season was only last Friday and included lettuce, arugula & several new kinds of Asian greens. We’ll see if they manage to mature in time for our last market on 25 October?

But despite the temperatures, the calendar shows that it really is fall.

Most of the farm is now empty. The cover crop is coming up nicely. In the background trees are turning colour and looking beautiful.

The wild grapes along the train tracks have ripened and look beautiful too. (Yes, I eat them and yes, they’re sour!)

Squash is a big seller at market these days – and we have plenty … in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Pumpkins too! They make for a colourful table.

And it appears the warm weather has come to an end. Our market at North York today started off quite warm and then got progressively cooler as the day went by. (We still have 2 weeks left here.)

The final Georgetown market this Saturday promises to be downright cold – but we’ll be prepared and dress accordingly.


With the change of seasons, Sage has had to switch from snacking on her favourite eggplant …

… to squash – which she eats with gusto!

Don’t say that our dog doesn’t get her vegetables!




One thought on “Summer in October

  1. Totally A W E S O M E !!  Praise be!

    Thanks, Hedy

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