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CSA 2017 – Week 3


The skies over the farm were beautiful again this evening.

We were hoping the dark clouds contained some rain for us. The hot temperatures we’ve had & the strong winds have really dried out the soil & the vegetables.

Sure enough, a good rain of about 10mm fell, refreshing the ground & the crops.

What’s in the box?

Snow peas, kohlrabi, salad turnips, garlic scapes, green onions & lettuce.

  • Fresh snow peas are always a favourite – perhaps because they are never around too long. Often we get 3 plantings in the ground to try to extend the season. This year we managed only 2. And both plantings are ready at almost the same time. So it will be a short season again! Enjoy your snow peas raw, steamed or stir-fried – but cook them only briefly to preserve the colour, flavour & texture.
  • Kohlrabi is a strange-looking vegetable – sort of like a cross between a little cabbage and a turnip. It is usually considered a root vegetable, though the edible round globe grows above ground.Kohlrabi is usually eaten raw – just peeled & sliced. The taste & texture resembles fresh, crunchy broccoli stems, with a bit of radish thrown in. Use on raw vegetable platters and serve with a creamy dip. Grated kohlrabi can be added to slaws. Kohlrabi can also be steamed or boiled but don’t peel until after they are cooked. When the bulbs are tender, peel skin, and season with butter, salt, and pepper, a cheese sauce, or just enjoy plain. They are good for mashing with other vegetables – parsnips, carrots or potatoes. Kohlrabi absorbs the flavour of other ingredients making it ideal to add to soup, stew and stir-fries. If the leaves attached to the kohlrabi bulb are fresh and green, they can be enjoyed as a cooked green. Wash the leaves and remove the ribs. Blanch in boiling water until just wilted, 3 to 5 minutes. Drain and squeeze excess water from leaves. Chop leaves, then sauté in a little olive oil or butter. Season with salt and pepper. Add a splash of vinegar or squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The bulbs should be stored, unwashed, in a plastic bag in the fridge. They will hold for a week.

Our favourite way to eat kohlrabi (other than raw in slices) is to sautée it in butter & garlic scapes               for just a few minutes. Then add just a dash of nutmeg. Delicious!

  • Salad turnips are small, round, white turnips that resemble radishes, but without the bite – usually! This season, due to the recent heat, the turnips have a similar bite to radishes. Mild in flavour, crisp, and quite tender, they are best eaten raw – simply wash, cut off the tops and enjoy! They can also be stir fried, sautéed, or steamed – both the turnips & the green tops.
  • Garlic scapes are a favourite for many. They are the top of the garlic plant. We cut them off so the garlic puts all it’s energy into forming a nice big bulb underground. Leaving the scapes to grow would produce flowers & seeds instead, which we don’t need or want. Use them wherever garlic bulbs are used – raw or cooked. Their flavour is a bit milder than garlic. We have included our usual recipe for garlic scape pesto which is quite popular.
  • The first onions of the season are green onions, also called bunching onions or scallions. Use the whole thing – the green leaves & the small, bottom white bulb.
  • Enjoy more lettuce in your share again this week.

Garlic Scape Pesto


1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

1-2 tbsp lemon juice (or lime)

1/4 pound roughly chopped scapes

1/2 cup olive oil

salt to taste


Puree scapes, olive oil, & lemon juice in a blender or food processor until nearly smooth. Gently stir in cheese. Taste & adjust juice & salt to taste.

Serve as a spread on bread or crackers, a dip for vegetables, or on pasta or pizza.

Store in refrigerator for 2 -3 days. Pesto can be frozen for longer storage.


Here’s something to look forward to…

Our blackberries came through the winter healthy & well. The canes are in bloom now, and full of bees. We anticipate a good crop of these dark, juicy, delicious berries – starting in early August.

2 thoughts on “CSA 2017 – Week 3

  1. Just curious, do you have cherries during this next month? Thanks!!

  2. Lovely skies, yes. Did you see last evening’s double rainbow?

    Like the bees in the close-ups too.

    Thanks, Hedy

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