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October or …. ?

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Our rose-bush is blooming again. Delicate pink flowers against a background of dark orange rose hips. It’s beautiful!


Is it October or ….?

Last week we experienced the first frosts of the fall. On 2 nights the temperature approached the freezing mark, but it was not enough to cause much damage.



Now we have returned to unseasonably warm temperatures. It’s back to shorts & T-shirts again.

And harvesting vegetables! We are still picking peppers (both sweet & hot), lettuce, bok choy, beets, salad turnips, cabbages and even eggplant. It’s great to have fresh vegetables to display at our farmers’ markets. While the Georgetown Market ended last Saturday, Oct.15, our North York Market continues this week & next.

We wondered earlier if we would have produce to sell, but our worries were unfounded – the tables are full & colourful!




It’s a beautiful time of year on the farm too! The leaves are turning colour.



If this is October, I’m all for it!




One thought on “October or …. ?

  1. LOVELY indeed, Ron. Thanks for posting.


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