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CSA 2016 – week 16

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Our customers at the farmers’ markets keep asking for winter squash. Our CSA members are wondering too. When will squash be ready?

… It’s ready!

Most of it has been ready for a while.

But we have not been ready. The warmer weather of late & the timely rains have kept the summer crops producing – we’re still busy picking other things. Plus, it just doesn’t seem right to be picking winter squash when it’s so warm (even hot) outside.

But perhaps the biggest reason we have not begun to pick squash is  fear  uncertainty. We transplanted the squash into the field way back in June. We weeded & watered several times and then turned our backs on it, busy with other vegetables. Many squash plants died in the drought. Then the weeds came & overtook the plot. We avoided the squash field all summer, turning our faces away whenever we passed by. Would there even be anything worthwhile in there to pick?


Finally last week we found the courage to venture into the thicket. Surprise surprise! There is some really nice squash – not a large crop but probably ample. While we started with 29 varieties there are considerably fewer remaining, but still a good selection.






And so today we started the harvest. There will be winter squash for our CSA this week as well as the farmers’ markets.


What’s in the box?

Squash, Bosc pears, corn, green beans,

sweet peppers, onions & garlic.

extras – hot peppers.

  • This week your CSA boxes will have the first of our winter squash. We have only just begun to pick but there will be several kinds to choose from. Pick your favourite variety or try something new.
  • Two weeks ago we offered Bartlett pears in the CSA share. This week there will be Bosc pears! They come with the same caution. Because we did not prune, thin or spray them, they might be marked up & misshapen – but they still taste great!
  • There is still some sweet corn to pick, so enjoy a few more cobs in your box this week.
  • Our final plantings of green beans are now producing. These were seeded back when it was very dry so it took a lot of watering to get them to germinate & grow. Our efforts paid off & we are now picking some quality beans. There will not be a large quantity, but enjoy this last taste of green beans for the season.
  • The warm fall weather is perfect for the sweet peppers. We are getting our biggest picks of the season now & expect to offer a few more peppers in your share this week.

This will be the 2nd last week of our CSA for 2016.

Next week will be the final pick-up!

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