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CSA 2016 – week 8

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It was a welcome & long-awaited rain that fell on our part of the earth this morning. When it was over we had received almost 18 mm (or .7 “). This was the first measurable amount of precipitation for us in more than 2 months. While it is not enough to save all our crops, it certainly refreshed them, invigorated many & allowed me to skip watering today – a welcome break from what has become a daily task. We are very thankful for this rain!

Our peppers & eggplant finally mulched last week, which will help preserve today’s rain.


The next planting of beans & zucchini, with a row of edamame in between. We’ve been watering these almost daily to coax them along.


Watering & now today’s rain have made the new lettuces – and the weeds – grow!


What’s in the box?

Tomatoes, onions, beans, broccoli & zucchini.

  • Much of our watering has been concentrated on our tomato plants. As a result they are doing well – healthy & green, growing & producing increasing amounts of fruit.
  • The onions in your share this week will be the heirloom Ailsa Craig variety that we have been growing for several years now. They are a sweeter onion & very delicious.
  • The green beans plants are small & struggling, but producing a surprising amount of beans.
  • We are coming to the end of our broccoli season. As we mentioned last week, several of the plantings matured at the same time making for a quick harvest. The heads are not very pretty or uniform but the flavour is there. Tuesday’s pick-up will get broccoli for sure in their box. For Friday we cannot promise. We are hopeful there will be some …
  • The weekend was warm hot & so the zucchini grew … & grew …. & grew. They are pretty large today. This may be the week to stuff zucchini, or make zucchini brownies?

Last weeks’ CSA box.



The rain today did not usher in any cooler weather – it was hot & humid again, and everyone felt it!





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